22 year-old Allison Sharper is a hard working young woman. At least she considers herself to be one. When three teenagers-two boys and one girl-show up to her home one cold night, claiming to be her new bodyguards because thugs have marked her for dead, she laughs it off and slams the door in their faces. Why would someone want an average Jane like her dead? Overnight Allison’s world is flipped upside down as she finds their dire warning to be true and to her horror, she can’t even attend her classes without dangerous groups of men and women showing up on campus. She is forced to cooperate with the trio of misfits. Each of them possesses an extraordinary talent that can fend off the assassin gangs. Who are these teens? They work for a secret division of the government which manages a program. In this operation, there are hundreds of humans like them, all gifted with ‘special’ skills. They are called "SQUADS." There are ten so far, including themselves. They are SQUAD#11, Her only hope.


2. Profile: Allison Taylor Sharper

Current Name(s): Ally, Ali, or simply Allison
Birth Name: Allison Taylor Sharper
Homeland: United States
Ethnicity: French, Irish, European (English)
Born: November 2, 1991
Age: 22
Hair: Brunette (Short, Styled)
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Pale, Tattoo around her wrist
Bust: 34B
Derriere: 26 inches
Height: 5'9
Occupation: Waitress
Status: College Student-Photography Major
R. Status: Single
Siblings: None
Mother: Alice Sharper
Father: ???????

About Her Past:

Allison doesn't even remember her father's face, let alone know much about him; from what her mother has explained, her parents divorced when she was barely able to walk, before leaving the states and returning to his home—a small town somewhere in Europe. As a child and a teenager, she lived with her mom in a suburb of Illinois, however because of her position in the government (that's all she knows about her work), she barely spent time with her growing up, leaving their relationship strained and distant. She now goes to college in Chicago and has a job and an apartment. She hasn't spoken to her mother in a year.

About Her:

Allison is somewhat calm and she possesses a positive and upbeat personality. Miss Sharper is a cigarette smoker, an iced coffee drinker and she is very independent; growing up without a father and a mom who honestly wasn't present in the house has forced her to mature at a young age and forge an aggressive mindset full of determination; she won't rest until she accomplishes her tasks, basically prove to those close to her that she doesn't need to be looked at with a sympathetic eye. In addition to this, because she is so stubborn and set on doing everything on her own, she has a difficult time asking others for help.

Her Powers:

Allison possesses no abnormal skills, just an eye for scenic detail! And armed with her trusty camera, she is bound to capture all she crosses.


Reading, Working & Lots of Coffee.


Being Helped.

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