Girls like Me


2. Cheesy...but Happy.

Madeline was gorgeous. She had light brown hair that had a wild curl to it. I loved playing with her pretty, long, curly hair. It always felt Like silk between my fingers, and always smelled really good like she had just stepped out of the shower. She was about 5'6" and had all the makings of an athlete. She was muscular: her arms, abs, thighs. She was covered with freckles. And at times, I'll stop and count them. She even had a few freckles on her lips, that I found tantalizing and playful in the right mood.

And as I looked at her she smiled. Her smile never failed to bring the most light hearted feeling to me. It was so pretty, and easily earned. Something about it just made me want to be happy.

"What?" I said.

"What do you mean what?" She smirked.

"Smartass." I rolled back over and she pulled me closer to her.

I instantly got butterflies.

I thought back to how we got here. Me and her.

It was a long and awful journey.

And I was completely ignorant and blind up until this point. It still tied my stomach into knots just thinking about it...

But I was with her now, and that's all I could really want.

Cheesy I suppose. But I don't know another way to put it.

"Will you ever stop being difficult and just say yes to being my girlfriend, Andrea?"

I could hear the playful whine in her voice.

I giggled, "Maybe in 83 days we'll see."

She groaned which made me more amused.

And I thought back to how a little less than a year ago, I never would've thought someone like me could be so lucky as to have a girl like Madeline care about me.

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