Girls like Me


3. A Few Days Distance

It had been a few days since I'd seen Madeline.

At least I think it had been a few days.

I couldn't keep track.

All I know is that the cute guy standing in front of me had been saying all the right things all night.

But that wasn't right.

I wasn't his.

But I had always loved games.

Why was it so hard to stop the games I played for someone I cared about so much?

It wasn't fair.

"How bout we take a walk?" Said the cute guy.

He could see his muscles peaking out of his button down shirt, and I just wondered how they would feel under my hands.

I got a shiver.

"Sure." I said to him.

And with that, he took my hand and we headed out the door of the crowded house party and into the yard.

It was kind of a cold night. And I wished I had a jacket. And I remembered I had Madeline's in my car and decided I'd go get it when the opportunity presented itself.

The guy led me to a small table that was perfectly hidden from the view of the door, but not too secluded so you could here the music from the party.

"Why's such a cute girl like you so without someone to keep her company at a party?" He said it with a smile, and he pulled me closer to him. I could smell his spearmint gum, the same one Madeline chewed...

I pulled back slightly, teasingly.

"You saying you're not going to keep me company?"

He walked after me, until I sat atop the cold metal table. He came to a stop right in front of me. And his hands, his firm warm hands, snakes around my waist.

"If you let me have the pleasure..." He said with that dreamy look in his eyes that was oh so familiar to me.

He leaned down and I let him kiss me.

It was long and slow.

And when it broke, I quickly leaned in and bit his lip.

Everyone's instant turn on.

And he came back for more.

His kisses became quick, feverish almost.

His tongue found mine and they played for a bit.

I bit some more.

He began to lean me down on the table so I was in a laying down position.

My hands snapped the buttons of his shirt so they could roam the cast expanse of his muscles.

Then I moved them into his hair.

And all the while, my lips never left his.

His hands moved to my inner thighs. And close and closer they came to my core.

And as agilely as possible, I moved his hands to my ass. He lifted me up and spun both of us around so that he sat on the table, and I on his lap.

I broke the kiss, and looked at him for a moment.

I was impressed with this little move.

He took the break of the kiss as an opportunity to kiss my neck.

I softly moaned.

His lips moved back to mine.

And this continued for some time.

And by the time I got to my car and looked at the jacket in the passengers seat, I was all warmed up and didn't need it.

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