I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


12. what the hell why not

*halfway through the tour.*

I walk up in the same old bunk I've been in for months. I've been recording the album here and there and I recorded I put together a music video. And helped out with a movie. Isn't that trilling. Right now were going to the Brit awards. And the dang cameras are still here. It's getting extremely annoying.  Their performing one way or another today. We get to the venue and they run. I just laugh. I walk up and I was told they have the launch pads out again. I just hope that one doesn't get stuck. I start looking around at the seats. I have a seat next to Harry. That's just swell. I will not be his date for this shindig and the rest of the boys have dates. And I really don't care. I watch as they fail with Harry's launch. It's not even up halfway. He's just asking what happened and they all look at me in dead silence. I couldn't help but burst out laughing. Eventually Harry gets unstuck and they finish. We go back on the bus to change. Well. They do. And one by one they all slowly get out of the bus all fancied up. When Liam comes out last I put on the black dress that is low cut and has a leg slit on the left leg the slit has diamonds outlining it. I do my hair of to the side(straight). I put on red lipstick and I walk out. I see that the boys dates are here and Harry is just kinda being awkward. I sees me and motions for me to come his way. I walk over.

"Looks like your my date again." He says.

"Looks so." I say and I giggle. God did I just do that? We talk for a bit and we go in. I sit in my seat next to Harry. I want to pay attention but he just keeps on telling me jokes. As if he was going to tell me something important.

"We gotta go." Liam said. They all got up and there were four girls I don't know.

"Hi I'm Alice." I say outing my hand out.

"Isn't that a boys name?" One answers rudely.

"No you are thinking of Alex."

"Aren't you only here because your Paul's adopted daughter." An other says.

"Well excuse me for trying to be friends." I say turning back to the show.

"I bet you aren't even a fri- oh here they are." She stops because they come out. They sing amazingly but they stay on in the end. This was not rehearsed. Then Louis runs off the stage down the steps and his date stands up for a hug but he just leans and signals for me. I shake my head. Then he points up. Oh. I'm on camera. I walk next to him and smile. I say threw my teeth.

"What are you doing?"

"You'll see." He says threw his teeth too. We get up to the stage he helps me up and pushes me towards Harry.

"So Alice in the media's eye we are together. So I was kinda wondering. Would you like to offically go on a date with me." Harry asks speaking into his mic. Niall hands me his mic and gives me a thumps up. So do the rest of the boys. What the hell why not.

"Sure." I mumble and Harry picks me up and takes me off stage. The rest of the night goes by quickly. They win plenty of awards and we leave. Nothing to it. I called dibs on the bathroom first to get out of this. I change into my standard sweat pants and oversized teeshirt. I will look super hideous in this movie but I really don't care. I walk out if the bathroom. Go straight into my bunk and fiddle on my phone. My curtains closed and Harry opens it and says.

"Move over. Coming up." He was in pajama bottoms and no shirt. They all barely wore shirts. Not that it bugged me. I moved and he pushed himself up.

"Are you still afraid?" He asks.

"Yeah. I only said yes because we were on television." I answer.

"Well to bad cause your mine now." He says looking over at my phone.

"You do realize that we are still filming right?" I ask.

"So what by the time that this movie comes out you and I will be on top of the world if you let me take you there." He whispers into my ear.

"I don't know Harry." I mumble. Then I roll on top of him and he starts to laugh and says.

"What are you doing?" I laugh and sit up and jump down. "Ohh that's what you were doing." He jumps down and Niall looks over at us. Then he continues to talk about farts? I don't know. We all start to play video games. Then we decide to stop at a McDonalds to get dinner. We get dinner and we all continue to play FIFA. Surprise I like video games. And I blew them away. I beat them so badly

"That's not fair my fingers were greasy." Some of them complain.

"So were mine." I remind them as I wiggle my fingers. We pull into the hotel and I grab my bag and I run into the hotel. Paul gave me my key and I go in to the elevator and rapidly press the 21 floor button. The door was about to close when a hand stops the door causing it to open and the five man-boys come in.

"Almost made it." I mumble.

"Stinks to be you." Zayn jokes. We get up to the floor and I run into my room and I lock Harry out. But I forgot he has a key.

"Nice try." He says.

"It was my best." I laugh. He puts down his stuff and jumps on the bed causing me to bounce a little.

"Am I really that fat?" He asks.

"No I'm so light." I answer. He shrugs and pulls me on top of him.

"This might be to early in our relationship to say but I love you." He says. A then he kisses me. I giggle.

"Oh I already knew that." I say and wink. He laughs. We talk about cats and how much I want a cat and his cat. We eventually fall asleep.

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