I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


3. this could get interesting

"Hey Alice it's Paul." He says. I open the door. "I just wanted to let you know that the five boys are coming over in a hour to meet you." He says.

"Oh and I usually don't live in this house so it's basically yours." He says handing me the keys. "Your kidding." I say.

"A no. The boys like this house. That's why. I thought that you should be around them. But I stop by every now and then. I live right across the street. But I'll be here for the night." He says. And turns around and closes the door behind him. He's a really cool dad. I like him. But not as much as my real dad. I look in the mirror touch up my makeup and re-straighten my hair. That what I do everyday. Straighten my hair. But the time that's all done its like ten minutes till the Mysterious Five get here. I lay down on the bed and turn on the flat screen tv. Then I here the door open and footsteps lots and talking. In thick thick British accents and I think I here a Irish accent but I'm not sure. Must be the five boys. Then Paul yells for me to come downstairs I turn of the tv and open my door and turn to the left and turn left again when I'm farther down the hallway. I keep my eyes at my feet on the stairs. And I bump into some one.

"Um. Love. We're up here." Says the thick Irish accent. Welp that just proved that there is indeed a Irish person here.

"I'm good looking at the floor." I say.

"Aw. Come on love. We're just people." A British guys says. Rather slowly. But not to slow. Then someone walks over. I can tell. I saw there shoes. Then the guy who walked up to me says.

"You know we can't see your face love." Then he put two fingers under my chin and lifts my face up. I see Louis Tomlinson from one stinking direction. Oh that's just great. I look around. Their all there. Zayn, Harry, Liam, Niall and of course Louis.

"Hi." I mumble.

"Better?" Liam asks.

\"No." I say really quickly.

"What did we do? Do you not like us. Or are you just shy." I nod at Zayn's just shy part. "Oh. Your shy. That explains it. You don't look shy."

"Um. Thanks." I say. The rest of the night I eventually loosen up to the boys. And we stay up till one in the morning playing truth or dare. I think I like these boys. They figured out that my birthdays in a week. Then I walked up stairs and Harry and Zayn followed.

"Can I help you?" I ask.

"Our rooms are up here." Zayn says. I nod and go into mine and they go into theirs. I go shower in my bathroom that is connected to my bedroom and I check that it was only mine which it is. I shower and put on a sweat pants a white teeshirt and a sweat shirt over it. I pull my hair up in a bun. What I don't like about my hair is  that it washes out after three weeks it's so that your roots don't show the difference it colors. It's stupid I know. But I go back into my room exhausted and I collapse on the bed. I pull the covers over myself and I close my eyes. I think. I wonder what's gonna happen. I'm with five boys. This could get interesting.

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