I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


7. she's not afraid

*next day*

I wake up. I get up. I sigh. My hair color washed out. I'll leave it it's natural color for a change. I don't care. It's still as long as I like it. I brush threw it and I leave it down. I put on a black Aeropostale tank top. A red leather jacket with dark wash skinny jeans. And a pair of red converse high tops. I put on light make up and I leave it natural. I may get some bangs so that they are like hanging in my eyes. To hide them. I hate them. My blue eyes. I just don't like them. So I will go today. I walk downstairs and see them all stare at me.

"Don't look at me like that." I say. Then they all turn away.

"That's better." I say and I put some money in my pocket along with my phone and I start to go out the door.

"Hey! Where you going girly?!" Louis yells. Almost made it.

"First off don't call me that. Two. It's none of your business." I say.

"We wanna know." Liam says.

"I'm going to get my hair cut." I say.

"That's great we have one more song to record." Zayn says. Great just what I need. The stupid paparazzi getting another shot of me. I really will hunt the down and slit their wrist when their wide awake so they can feel all the pain. Was that to much? Oh well. We go to the mall and I walk into the hair salon and they all pull out their phones. And I laugh. I go to the desk. And they direct me to a chair in the back of the salon.

"What are we doing today?" She asks.

"Well I just want shaggy bangs you know the kind that hang in your eyes and some permanent curls but not the little ringlets but the barrels you know what I'm talking about?" I say.

"Yes I know what your talking about. Sweetie can I wash it. It's so dry and if I give you some special container would you use it?"

"Yeah I'd use it. And you can wash it. I'm in no rush." I say smiling to myself. The lady washes it and drys it and turns me around and cuts the my hair. She blow dries it and its curled the way I want it to. She shows me in the mirror. I thank her and pay. I go to the boys. "Les go." I say. They put their phones in their pockets. It's kinda funny. There all incognito. Black hoodies and black sunglasses. And then there's me all regular me. We get in the car and Louis says.

"Finally!" I laugh.

"What?" I ask.

"I can tell you that you hair looks awesome. Is that your natural hair col-" I cut him off.

"Yes it is my natural hair color. And thank you." I'm in the passenger seat because I called shot gun and that was a mistake because Harry's driving. He stops at McDonald's drive threw to get all of us food. I finish mine early.

"Wait doesn't your extended album come out next week?" I ask.

"Yeah but we wrote another song last night and we well asked if we could record it and Simon agreed but he's busy so we kinda need you to do it for us." Liam mumbles the last part.

"I'll do it. How do you know that?" I ask. I am confused.

"Paul told us and when Simon almost refused to let us because he was with another client we told him and he said you could do it. So yeah." Zayn explains. Then I realize that some one is stroking my hair. I look at Harry to see him petting me. I smack his arm so it goes back on the weal. I'm not fond of people driving with one hand.

"Ow." He mumbles.

"Why were you stroking my head?" I ask.

"It's just so soft now." He mumbles. As we pull into the studio. We go into the building and all the boys have sheets of paper with words on it. I put in what I think is the order and I look at the notes. I can tell Niall wrote them. The timing. And I come up with a beat. They like it. I really didn't look at the words per say. It was mainly the notes and if it sped up or not.

"Alright Zayn. I need your part first." I say and he laughs.

"Your acting so professional." He says going into the booth. Come on. This was my job. I eventually have them all recorded and the tracks laid as they are out talking to someone. I look at the title she's not afraid. That's strange. I look at some of the lyrics.

"She's not afraid of scary movies." Ok. One line.

"She likes the way we kiss in the dark." Two. It's fine just two lines. Boarder line.

"Then why she so afraid of falling in love." Harry. Wrote. This. Great. Just great. I should have noticed putting the tracks together but I'm stupid like that. They come back in.

"Is it ready?" Louis asks. I nod and he comes in with the rest of the boys. and Simon. Hmmm. That's not right.

"We want to get you a job here and so you can help us record on the road because we're planing on doing that. We already have the equipment. We just need some one. So we need to see your work." Liam says. Whatever. I press play and they all listen. But I listen. Deeper paying attention to the lyrics. At the end. No doubt in my mind that songs about me. Only Harry knew about that kiss. I hope. Aww come on. That stupid songs stuck in my head now. Not good.

"That's really good. Alice. I'd like to have you work here. And I think the boys could use you on the road." Simon says. I thank him and we talk a little more about my job and that I don't have to work till he tells me to when their on tour. Cool. We all leave. When they all get out I stay behind because Harry is the last one out.

"Harry we need to talk. Like now." I say.

"Can we talk in your room?" He asks. I nod. And we go inside. I walk upstairs followed by Harry. I go in my room and I burst.

"What the hell Harry!" I yell.

"What? What did I do?" He asks surprised.

"You wrote that stupid song about me last night who else knows that we kissed in the dark? Who else knows that?" I ask calming down.

"I just I don't know ok. I'm sorry. I thought that if I wrote a song for a girl they'd like me back." He mumbles.

"Well Harry. But that song got personal because I am afraid of falling in love. I can lead to heart break so so easily. Harry. I am so afr-" I'm cut of by his lips crashing onto mine. He pushes me against the wall forcefully kissing me. I'm not gonna lie. I kissed him back. He pulls away then says brushing my ear with his lips as he spoke.

"Why are you so afraid of falling in love?" I look into his eyes. Well sorta. He brushes my bangs to the side.

"I really don't know." I say. He walks out and I slide down the wall this can. Not be happening to me. I lean my head back against the wall. This is not good. I don't want to go back down stairs. Wait I have a mini-fridge. Open it up and a bunch of ritz crackers, pudding and some soda to drink. A really heathy dinner I know. I finish up get into my pajamas. I turn off the lights and throw myself on the bed. I'm mentally exhausted. It was a long day today. I go under the sheets trying to sleep but every time I closed my eyes I saw him. And I felt him kissing me. And she's not afraid is still stuck in my head. But I give on forgetting and I sleep.

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