I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


8. I have to what?

*one month later*

I pull myself out of the bed at three in the morning. Yeah. Three. Yay. I put on some skinny jeans and a blue shirt. I put on a black zip up hoodie that is as unattractive. Which happens to be my goal. I put on some black converse and I grab my packed bags after I got all of the stuff I need in there and I rolled it to the stairs. I picked it up and carried it down and put in the car. I run back inside to get my phone and earbuds. And my laptop and we all leave. I do my best to ignore them by sleeping but I here them mumbling behind me.

"Why is she wearing that?" Someone said.

"I don't know but I like how she isn't trying." That that was Harry. Well that plan has failed me miserably. We get to the airport and Paul wakes me up (in air quotes) and I slowly get out of the car and they take me to some private jet. They think I'm impressed but I'm not. I listen to them go on and on about how cool it is on stage and stuff like that for two hours. Then I fall asleep on someone's lap. I just hope it's not Harry. That lasted another two hours. One more hour I can do this. I wake up and I in Harry's lap. Great. Just. Great. I look up he's smirking. I will smack him I swear to God if he try's anything again he's so gonna pay. I get up and walk around. It's actually not that bad. I feel my phone vibrate. I look at it and its from some guy that was my boyfriend well before a problem happened and then he became my friend but the thing is we don't really talk. What the hell does he want. I pick up the phone

"Hello." I answer.

"Hey babe. I saw you on tv." He says. Great. That just swell.

"And your point?" I ask.

"And on the Internet and Harry posted a picture of you on Instagram." He says. He's following the perv. Yay.

"And when did he do this?" I ask.

"He did it like a hour ago." He says.

"I was out cold. That's even better. Well I am hanging up now. I gonna kill him." I say and he laughs and I hang up. I walk into the main space. I pick up Harry's phone. Louis tells me the password and there it is. Plain as day. I delete the picture and hand him back his phone.

"Why'd you delete that?" Harry asks.

"Cause I don't want my face on anything that involves you." I say.

"Well then." He says. I roll my eyes and sit down because we're landing. I get off the plane get my stuff and run threw the rest of the airport and there was the gigantic tour bus that belonged to them. I get on it and pick out a bunk put my sheets down throw a pillow as push myself up into it. It's cosy. I notice that you can watch movies. I have some and pinned up on a board was the wifi password. I turn on my phone type it in and I'm connected. I turn it off because my phone saves the wifi and I go on my laptop. I can sit up in this bunk which I like and I connect to the wifi. All the others are on the bus now and I'm still in my bunk.

"Oh good. Your connected I see." Niall says across from me.

"Yeah." I say typing in a Harry potter website that I belong to and Niall looks over at my laptop.

"You like Harry Potter?" He says laughing a little.

"I don't like it I loooove it and shut up." I say. And I pull a curtain so I can be left alone.

"That doesn't work." Liam says. He's underneath me.

"Oh can it batman boy." I say.

"Do not go insulting batman." He says.

"Whatever you say buzz light year." Can you tell I'm looking them up.

"Don't call him that!" Louis says opening up my curtain.

"What you gonna do about it boobear." I say louder on boobear.

"How do you know about that?" He asks.

"None of your business." I say and I close the curtain again. Now lets see. Liam's afraid of spoons. That should come in handy. Zayn can't swim. Yes. I like that. And Harry. Harry Harry Harry. I can't find any dirt. I keep scrolling. Harry has four nipples. Not good enough. Come on come on. He's afraid of

"Who wants to play scrabble!" Harry yells. I put my laptop down and want Liam I'm coming down and I jump. I land on my feet, skills. I stand up and go into the living room Harry looks at me weird as soon as I sit down.

"Don't you look at me like that." I say and Niall burst out laughing and says.

"Alice your really looking at us on Wikipedia?" Crap. I forgot I was doing that.

"Shut up Craic daddy." I say.

"What did you just call me?" He asks.

"That's right. I'm looking up dirt on you to use against you." I say.

"See that makes more sense." Zayn says. The bus stops. I look out the window. Great we're at the hotel. And their is so many people there. This is why I wore a the blue shirt. I unzip the hoodie and hand it to Liam. And he looks at me weird.

"I know what I'm doing." I say and he shrugs and we leave the bus with our stuff and I ran they walked. I go into the lobby and I was already given my room. I go into the elevator top floor and I go into my room. One bed. It's king size I unpack my stuff and when I finish Harry comes in the door. "Wrong room." I say.

"Aaaa no it's not. Go ask your dad." He says.

"He is not my dad and I will." I say. I get up and I go to his room and he opens the door.

"Hello Alice." He says as he opens the door.

"Why is Harry in my room?" I ask.

"Your sharing a room. With him. He's your roommate for the tour." He says. He says what?

"Please can I not." I beg.

"You have to. For a little less then a year." He says.

"I. Have. To. What?!" I yell.

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