I Can't Change

Alice is almost 18 years old. But she was stuck in the orphanage for one more week. And she got adopted by a man names Paul. What happens?


13. I am.............

I wake up to Harry's arms wrapped around me. My head lying on his chest and I slowly look up to Harry sleeping. He looks so peaceful. I try to wiggle out of his grasp. He squeezes me tighter and pulls me back up and mumbles in his morning voice.

"No show today."

"Good for you. That means that I don't have to get you ready six minutes before the show." I say.

"No it means that today is our date." He says.

"Well then." I say. I pull out of Harry's grasp.

"I want to pick out your outfit. After all. I know were we're going." He says pushing himself off the bed.

"I don't know if I can trust you." I say.

"Well we gotta go shopping girly." He says.

"Don't call me that." I say as I go change into a grey tank top and blue jeans. I walk out and put on some stilettos. I brush out my hair and I see Harry holding a hoodie. He's dressed.

"You gonna put that on?" I ask. Finishing my makeup.

"It's for you." He says walking over to me. I put on the hoodie it smells like his cologne.

"Harry how much cologne did you put on when you wore this?" I ask.

"A lot." Is his answer.

"Well I guess I'm smelling like you today." I say.

"Yes yes you are. It will let people know that you're my girl and no one else's." He says with a smile.

"What are we taking we don't have a car." I say confused.

"I got us a cab." He answers. I nod. This hoodie is huge on me but I'll survive. I walk out and Harry closes the door behind him. We walk down the hall and go to the lobby for breakfast. Of course there are fans in the lobby and they smell Harry's hoodie.

"She's wearing his hoodie."

"Their really together."

"Has this been going on for a while?" Are some of the things that we heard as we got our food. I just ignore them. We smile and walk out and the can comes up its Paul driving he throws the keys to Harry and talks to him. We get into car and Harry drives to the closest mall. We hop out. We run into the mall and we laugh so hard. He pulls me into Areocrombe and Fitch. I want to walk out. I never go in here.

"Can we go to forever 21 please or Hollister?" I ask.

"No." He answers. He goes and gets stuff for him to wear. Then he pulls me into a dress store. He pulls out a orange dress.

"Aw hell no orange is not my thing." I say waving my finger.

"Well it is now." He answers. I sigh. I go and try it on. It's low cut with a bare back and it's one of those bottoms that start of short and get longer. In the front it's mid thigh and in the back it's just below the knee. The bottoms also flowing. Basically a high-low I step out and Harry brings me into a mirror and has me turn around.

"You are a different boyfriend." I say.

"In a good way or bad way?" He asks.

"A little bit of both." I say. He ends up buying the dress and tells me to wear the shoes I have on now and I go get my hair done. He talks to the lady and she does my long hair in a fish tale off to the side. God I look really girly in this hairdo but I don't see why I need it done professionally probably because I would never do it to myself if I had a knife infront of me. Then when I get up she puts me back down in the chair and does makeup. That's why. Makes more sense than what I thought. She turns me around and I look even more girly. My natural hair color is one thing but the hair and makeup that's another. I get up Harry pays and we leave.

"Why why why am I so girly looking?" I ask as we get into the car.

"Because I want you to be. For one night and that all I ask." He says. He drives back to the hotel and I slip on the dress. What on planet earth are we doing. I walk out of the bathroom and Harry's in a suit. That's new.

"Wear are we going?" I ask.

"Somewhere." He answers. We were at the mall for a while. Me missed lunch and it was about time for dinner. We go back into the car once again and he drives. We eventually get to a really fancy restaurant. And he opens my door and I get out. Camera flashes.

"Did you tweet this?" I ask.

"Maybe." He answers.

"Great." I say. I have no social network at all. So he could get away with it. We pulls me into a booth and we talk and eat. When we finish I ask.

"Is this it?" He answers.

"No one more thing." Great. More people get to see me in this ugly dress. We get into the car and he drives to a park. It's a beach. Well a beach club. Litterally a club that is on a beach and it's outside too. I get out and he pulls me into the line. We make out way threw and we go into the VIP area.

"You like?" He asks.

"Kinda." I answer.

"Come on." He pulls me out into the dance floor. We dance and the last song we decided to to before we left was a slow song. He slowly turns me around to face him and little things starts playing. Next thing I know there's a spotlight on us and we are in our own circle. Surrounded by people. I burry my face in his chest and breath in his sent. We dance to the whole song harry singing his part in my ear. At the end we leave. And he drives to the hotel. When we pull in John's parents are calling me. I pick up.

"Hello?" I say very confused getting out of the car. I run into the lobby as his mom talks.

"We need you in New York John was in a accident. And he is asking for you." I get into the elevator with Harry.

"I'll be there as soon a possible." I say and hang up.

"What's that about?" Harry asks.

"I need to go to New York. Harry don't know if we can be together right now. Harry I have to go." I say and I go into the room and pack up my suitcase. I walk out of the hotel room. I knock on Paul's door. "I have to go to New York. My only friend is in the hospital." I say. He nods and I hug him. Harry comes up behind me.

"You need this." He says handing me his hoodie. I laugh a little and the elevator door opens. He kisses me and I get in. Don't cry. Don't cry. The doors close. This is it. I might never see him again. And I'm oddly ok with it. The door opens at the lobby. Put on a fake smile and I get all my stuff off the bus. My cab comes and I drive to the airport. I wanted to change but I needed to get to New York. I get to the airport pay the guy and get my suitcase. I walk in and I'm shocked there are people there. I buy my ticket. But I had to rush. I got threw security and I had to run to get on the plane. I put my carry on in the compartment and I pull out my laptop. This was gonna be a long ride. I will never see the boys again. And I'm oddly ok with it. I think I should be on twitter. Why not. My name is @Alice_Noneofyourbusiness I like it and now I'm on twitter.

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