A Single Rose (Niall Fanfic)

Have you ever dreamed about auditioning and making it to the live shows on "The X Factor"??? Have you ever dreamed about meeting famous bands??? Well Abby did, and she's living her dream. But when things get tough will she stay strong??? Or will she break-down from all the stress???


1. bootcamp


 Abbys P.O.V. : I was so nervous, along with my new band-mates. We were about to sing in front

of Simon Cowell, and Louis Walsh to see if we were going to preform in the live shows. I am in a

girl-group with 3 other girls named Katie, Roni (short for Veronica) and Morgan. We are on the

show "X Factor" (USA) at bootcamp, for what seemed like hours waiting to go preform.a few

minutes later, one of the staff came to get us. We all walked out holding hands on to the mini

stage in front of them. Simon gave us a que to start. We sang Little Me by Little Mix. While we

were singing Simon started tapping his foot, while Louis started smiling and nodding his head.

Which made me smile. When we finished they clapped and we said our thank-yous and

goodbyes. Once we got inside we all started squealing (like little piggies!!!) and jumping around.

After we settled down I started to think. What happens if we do or don't make it???



/// Hiii!!! I hope you enjoyed the first chapter!!! I am thinking I am going to try and update every Sunday or Monday soooo yup!!! If you want, leave comments down below!!! Bye!!! ~Moira

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