Forever? Or Never?

Does being in-love have it perks? It may...but the bad times are creeping right behind you, waiting for their chance to pounce!
Discover Ingrid's story and why her and her guy of her dreams never make it through.


2. Megan.

I slammed the door as loud as I could, which isn't very loud as I'm week, I ran down the drive way, and into the car. I drove round streets,bends,neighbourhoods.I finally stopped my car at my sisters house Megan , she is four years older then me and married. I knocked on her door, 'Hey sis' she said hugging me. 'Hi.' I said letting go. 'Come in, come in.' I entered her big house, I looked around and saw like a reception area, there was couches in every corner. I went and sat on one. 'So?' She asked tapping her fingers on the piano in the lounge, 'why you here?' I felt like she didn't want to see me. 'Well, Tyler has been talking to Kristen , again, and he lied to me about it!' She didn't seem that interested. She nodded and made a few noises. I heard rattling in the next room, I looked at the room, then her, then back at the room. I just ignored the noises. 'Sooo?' she said, 'that's why your here?' I stared at her. 'Your as good as him!' I shouted. I got up and left. She opened the door' Ingrid!'

'Ingrid!' I drove off.

I unlocked the key to my house and walked in, slipped off my shoes and coat and put them away. 'Hey babe...' I said. I walked into the lounge 'I'm sorr-' I stopped 

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