Forever? Or Never?

Does being in-love have it perks? It may...but the bad times are creeping right behind you, waiting for their chance to pounce!
Discover Ingrid's story and why her and her guy of her dreams never make it through.


1. Kristen, the supermodel.

I walked down the stairs and to see Tyler, speaking on the phone. I entered the kitchen and put our dinner in the oven. I walked back into the living room and sat down on the sofa, 'How, was you talking to?' He put his phone on the sofa and twiddled his thumbs, 'Raymond?' I started at him. 'Who is Raymond?' He looked so guilty 'My best friend....' he said. 'Really? We have been together for 5 years and I have never heard of him....' He smiled...'Yeah,well...he is?' I just got   up and left the room. 



'Babe?' Tyler asked as he followed me out. 'what is the matter?' I started to clean the pots, 'Who was you really talking to?' There was a awkward silence....'Fine whate-' I was cut of my a loud sigh, 'Kristen' I gasped 'I WAS TALKING TO KRISTEN LEIGH OKAY?' He stormed back into the lounge, I followed this time, 'Kristen Leigh? Your Ex-girlfriend?' He ignored me, I was ready to scream! 'Why was you speaking to her?' He looked at me, 'She is coming over.' I stormed out!  'WHY ARE YOU BEING SUCH A BITCH?' He shouted at me, 'Excuse me?' I said calmly, ready to burst. 'She is a supermodel, Tyler! A SUPER MODEL!' I grabbed my bag and stormed out.

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