There are many dimensions outside ours. Almost anything you can imagine has been and will be created. This story takes place in on of the more obscure dimensions of the universe. In this dimension there is a planet. The inhabitants of this planet do not have any shape or form. They are simply masses of color. No two colors are the same on this world, just like there are no two people exactly alike on ours.


11. Darkness

Black and White, now in possession of The Brush had met The Artist for one last battle. The Artist, not in control of The Brush, and knowing he would lose, tried to reason with them.

" I'm sorry that I cast you out. Let me make it up to you."

Black and White would have none of it. They took a swipe at him with The Brush and his ands disappeared. He cried out in agony but Black and White had no remorse. They kept taking swipes at him until The Artist was no more.

Platinum rushed to their side to congratulate them. " guess everything worked out alright after all," she said. She stabbed each of them too and watched them dissolve. "Everything went exactly as planned."

From that moment Platinum ruled The Painting with an iron fist. She took control of the Grey soldiers and immediately had The Brush destroyed. No new colors would ever be mixed again. The Painting was a dying world. She sat at on he throne and looked at her people, more oppressed than ever before.

Pink sat in jail realizing she had been fooled by the biggest power grab of all. She was the one who trusted Platinum, so she was the one who felt at fault. None of that mattered now. Yellow would say that it was her fault having remained quiet all this time. Purple and Blue were too afraid to do anything of use. They sat in jail and all wondered about the past, that's all they could do. Outside the prison walls nothing would ever change. Platinum would rule this world, at least until the last color fades.

The End

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