This Book is about a girl name Abby and her life starts to change when she mets here old friend...


4. The Tomlinson Family

-Yesss Abby Tomlinson! The Tomlinson had a a baby girl and they named it Mia and she is five

"Mom....Mom" I look over and see Mia crying!

" Whats the matter baby girl!" I look at the time it's 5:00! "I...I had a bad...dream" she said crying! "All right. Do you want to sleep with me?" She nodded and she got in the bed. "Abby....wake up...It's Thanks giving and our family comes our over!" Louis said. I looked over to Mia and she still was asleep. I got up and walked to the bathroom. I smiled and walked to the bathroom. 5 minutes later I hear crying. I got out of the bath and put a towel on. I walked out of the bathroom and walked in my room. Mia was crying. I ran in and said "What's wrong?" I asked "I...I had a bad dream" "Again?Whats your dream about? I asked "It's about a BIG monster chasing me!" She said. I judged smiled and said " Louis get up here, so I can got dressed" It's now 2 o'clock and still cleaning the house.

"Louis I could use some help here!"

So now was the party and everyone is here. The boy were here. (Harry, Zayn, Liam, and Niall) So we took picture before the boys could get hurt, dirty or anything.

-Louis was wearing something nice/ he picked it out, Mia was wearing a dress and I was wearing a short blue dressing. Before I know it the night is over! We got nice of the family and the boys, and the house was clean, Louis was sitting on the bed watching tv, Mia past out, so I can finely go to sleep but...

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