This Book is about a girl name Abby and her life starts to change when she mets here old friend...


1. My Old Friend

I walking down the street on a cold winter night going to Starbucks, wearing black jean, fur boots, Starbucks shirt and a a big fur jacket. Warm as ever! Surly after 5 five minutes past I got there, I opened the door and saw my ex boyfriend and my old friend Louis Tomlinson talking to my ex... I walked passed him hoping someone would say something (Louis) But he didn't seem to notice me! So I just ordered my coffee and sat down. They still didn't say anything they just looked at me. Then my ex got up and walked outside. Louis got up and walked over to me, "Hey" he smiled

I didn't say anything, but I smiled! I got up and hugged him saying

"I haven't seen you in a while"

"I know" he said as we sat down.

" What were you guys talking about?" I asked nosey as ever.

" what, over there... Nothing really"

" Oh...okay."

I hear a vibrate coming from his phone.

"What is it?" I asked.

" Nothing... I just have to go home! Can I take you home?"

"Sure" I said cool as ever, but in side I was freaking out!

Next thing I know I found myself at my door step

" I had fun... Talking to you" I said

"Me too........ Hey maybe we can met up at Starbucks later ?"

"Yeah sure, when tomorrow?

"Yeah, is 12 o'clock, okay"

"Yeah and Thanks for taking me home" I said

"No problem"

I gave him one last hug.

I went in side and ran to my room crying.

But I was crying of joy.

I never notice how much I miss him!

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