Fast Love

Amanda is a nerd but a really pretty one so the other popular girls always annoy her and make fun if her but only because they are jealous . Along the way Amanda and Brandon both unite which Amanda has always been in love with him but scared he didn't . When she finds out she has a secret admirer Brandon always happens to be there and thinking does Brandon like her back . For that she has to wait till valentines day . Then she experiences joy and happiness !!


6. Morning Confession

After that night I woke up happily thinking about him , Brandon . I was growing certain of myself that he was the one , my secret admirer .

I ate. Milk and cereal Cocoa puffs and grabbed my purple Jansport backpack . "Are you ok honey ? You have been smiling a while lot today ?" My mother , Janet asked .

I grinned even more , bit my lop and looked down blushing .

"Is it a guy?" She asked

"Yes," I replied

"Who? "

"Brandon , Brandon Riggs ,"

"He is not like Christopher , is he ?

" No mom , Brandon is different,"

"I sure hope you are right , Christopher broke your heart into pieces and I don't want that again,"

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