Running Wild

This is a story about A pack of wolves who each have a special ability but when the bad wolves find out what will happen to the others. A young wolf called Lana has to stand alone and face the evil wolves in this thrilling tale.


2. The Characters so far

Good Pack:

Name: Jessica Rattey
Age: 16
Fur Colour: Black
Eye Colour: Blue
Markings: Scar across right eye from battle
Ability: Mind control, capable of making animals do as I say, and can move things with my mind.
Type: Wolf
Relation To Lana: Sister
Pack: Good
Back Story: Was a lone wolf due to the fact that I was separated from my family years ago when the hunters came. My sister Lana took me into her pack, after years of walking the forest alone.


Name: Lana Evans

Age: 16

Fur colour: Grey with black dusty parts

Eye colour: Blue

Marking: A butterfly on my shoulder, the butterfly is a scar that I got being handled by hunters.

Ability: I can control everything but animals with my mind, the weather changes to fit my mood and I can force animals to say things they don't want to.

Type: wolf

Relation to Lana: I am Lana

Pack: good

Back story: I grew up with my mum as an only child, at 10 I discover my ability and at 16 I meet my long lost sister Jessica.

Story for the future: Don't know yet.


Bad Pack:

Name: Dylan Martin

Age: 10

Fur colour: Brown

Eye colour: Brown

Marking: Scar on his right eye

Ability: Teleportation

Type: wolf

Pack: Bad

Relation to Lana: Non

Back story: grew up in the bad pack positively evil

Story for the future: Turns good


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