Me and the 3 James

HI My name is Scarlett Ruby Smith. I am 19. My dad decides he wants to go out of town leaving me with 3 guys named James. If you're wondering my dad is a warden. I think I said to much so stay tuned to find out if I fall for one or all of the James'. Will I fall for anyone special?


2. Chapter 1: Trouble

I started walking and said,"Didn't my daddy tell y'all not to lie to me." Every guy in the cells put their hands down except 3 young, sexy, looking men. I walked over to their cells and looked at them. I am pretty sure I had a look of confusion on my face because one of them asked,"What in a rude fashion. I looked at him and determined his last name was Henderson and he was a human. I grabbed my phone from my pocket trying to remember how to work it.

                                                            (James Henderson a.k.a Human)

I haven't used it for about 10 to 20 days because of what happened last time I was down here. I finally figured it out after 20 minutes of cursing out my phone. I put it to my ear and waited for my dad to answer, fortunately he picked up on the first ring and asked,"Babe are you okay? Need anything?" I said,"Daddy come downstairs to the jail, I want to discuss something with you." after I said that I was in the jail I heard heavy foot steps coming down the stairs in a rush. Less than a minute later I saw my handsome 49 year old father along with my 29 year old fine brother and my 19 year old sexy cousin. I looked at my brother and asked,"How are you this fine morning?" Charlie looked at me and said with a hint of worry in his voice,"It's officer Charles to you." I asked,"Why would I call a fine strong knight in shining armor, officer" that caused Charlie to blush and to keep his mouth shut so I went up to my cousin and ran my hand down his chest and said,"I am pretty sure your day is going fine today Steven my bad officer Steven, you look surely delectable in your uniform today." Steven said,"I am glad I look delightful in your eyes. You wanna see something else that looks delightful?" My dad said,"Scarlett Ruby Smith you are 19 years old-" I cut him off and said,"and single" Steven asked,"So what do you need?" I answered his question by saying,"Daddy you know I love you right." My dad said,"Yeah, I am going out of town and I needed some people to to watch you, I don't want a repeat of last of last time" I quickly protested,"No that was an accident and I told you not to leave me in the house with Johnny and you did it anyway!" 













Author's Note: So This book will have an update soon after I get at least 3 likes, 2 comments and 4 people added it to their favorites. Thanks a lot The next update will be Part 2 coming hopefully next week.

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