Sequel to Bullied To Death.
Alexis is now getting revenge on James (aka Keith) for the death of her little sister. She ran away to get away from her father, but then she heard about how her sister killed herself. She hurried home, and now is going to make sure James gets what he deserves for hurting and killing her little sister.


5. Plan

Keith's POV

"So here's what we are going to do," I started.

"Okay, but she has a male in the house," one of the guys pointed out. 

"And? We can get one of you to distract him. I don't know how yet."

"Well dark is getting closer, so it's need to be figured out soon," one reassured Keith.

"Yeah I know!" I yelled. 


I honestly didn't have the plan fully figured out, but we would just go with it, and whatever happens- happens. The sun was basically almost all way down- which meant Alexis would be heading home, so we got in the car and headed to her work. As normal, she came out and went to her car. We followed her home, making sure not to make it obvious, and when she turned into the driveway we kept driving. After Alexis got in the house we turned back around, turned our lights off, and pulled into the driveway. All of the lights were still on, meaning she was still awake. 


We sat in the car waiting until we saw the lights go off. Once they did, we looked in the windows looking for her bedroom, once we found it we opened a window. Then the unexpected happened. A security alarm. 


"Fuck," I whispered. 


I looked back and the guys were gone, leaving me alone. Then I saw them duck in the car- they were hiding. Alexis and her boyfriend both walked into the living room, for some reason I was still standing there. 


"You!" She yelled pointing a handgun at me.

"Get the hell out now!" She scream. 


I turned around to walk out- then i heard a loud noise and a sharp pain went through my leg, and I fell to the ground. 


"That is for my sister, you piece of crap," she said then walked away.


It was at that moment I realized she had shot me in the leg. 

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