Sequel to Bullied To Death.
Alexis is now getting revenge on James (aka Keith) for the death of her little sister. She ran away to get away from her father, but then she heard about how her sister killed herself. She hurried home, and now is going to make sure James gets what he deserves for hurting and killing her little sister.


2. Funeral

I showed up at my mother's and sister's funeral. Honestly, I hadn't imagined I'd have to bury my two favorite people in my family on the same day. My outfit is: a long black dress, with black heels, and a black dressy jacket. There wasn't very many people at the funeral, which broke my heart. Only two people from our family showed up: my mother's parents. 

"Oh Alexis, I'm so sorry." My grandmother hugged me, and we were both crying.

"Grandma, it's okay. I knew it would happen eventually."

"Come stay with me."

"I have a home, Grandma." 

"Where?" She asked.

"With my fiance." 

"Oh Alexis! I never knew you were engaged." 

"Yes I am Grandma." 


Before I could answer I looked over and saw James. He had all of his friends with him. This made me mad, so I confronted him.

"James, leave." 

"It's Keith, and no."

"I said leave!" I yelled. "This is MY family's funeral, you are not welcome here. YOU are the reason my sister killed herself." I jabbed him in chest when I said 'you.'

"I have a right to be here," he slapped me in the face.


I looked up at him, and gave him a glare. Then I swung, and punched him right in the jaw. He fell to the ground instantly. I knew I was strong, and capable of killing him. But, I was sure that I was going to make this slow and painful for him.


"I said get the hell out of here!" I yelled.


Keith was helped up by his friends and they left. The funeral went on, and of course, I cried. It was hard losing the two people I loved most, but now I was going to get the piece of shit back for this. 





for chapter 3.

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