I Have You Still (COMPLETED)

Louis Tomlinson, my best friend since we were 7 years old. His pranks, his jokes, everything about him made me think we were long lost siblings. We're very close to each other. I never left his side, and he never left mine. Best friends forever, or so that's what it seemed like until he left me.

Copyright Shyviolin. Please no duplicating.


1. Chapter 1

   I'm Aston, Aston Lake, I'm 20 years old, and I live in LA with my best friend, Patricia. Your probably thinking don't you live in the UK? Yeah I did, but I decide to move back to my hometown and bring my best friend along. We live in a small apartment that is just perfect for us well, besides from the noises the neighbors make above us.

"Aston c'mon!" Patricia runs into the ally.

"Hold your horses Pat!" I stumble along the floor.

"I don't got horses!"

  I quicken my pace and catch up to her and stop at the end of the ally. I take out the apartment keys and unlock the door. Patricia runs in, dropping everything at the door and jumping onto the couch.

"Seriously Pat?" I kick her stuff on the floor.

"Sh! The angels are singing!" She puts her finger to her lips.

 I roll my eyes and pick up her stuff, putting it on the table near the door. I plop on the couch, kicking off my shoes and putting my feet on the small coffee table.

And we danced all night to the best song ever.
We knew every line. Now I can't remember
How it goes but I know that I won't forget her
'Cause we danced all night to the best song ever.

  Patricia sang along with the band known as One Direction. Wow. Louis has changed so much over the years. The last time I seen him was the day he left for X-Factor and he never came back home. What? Like 3 to 4 years ago? We haven't talked since then.

"I just love Niall!" Patricia squealed jumping on the couch.

"Because of you, we're number one in 37 countries." I mimicked Niall's accent.

"No! Stop it with the mimicking!"

"Potato!" I shout into her ear.

"Why are you so good with different voices?"

"I don't know. Why am I not good at singing?" I chuckle.

"Yeah that too." She laughs as I frown.

"Okay, just no."

"Sh! I want to listen to them!"

"Hey, I do too."


  I cross my arms and slouch back on the couch looking at the TV. I really love the Midnight Memories album they released. Best Song Ever, Story of My Life, Diana, my favorite song, Strong, Happily, and the other ones too.

"I could die if I ever met any of them. They're just so awesome! I don't know what I would do without them in my life." Patricia smiles as she stares at the TV.

"Yeah, they've changed my life too, changed it too much." I sigh as Louis appears on the screen.

"Ash, you okay?"

"Yeah, it's just...I'm thankful that they became famous and changed so many lives." I look away from her. "I'm going to bed Pat, see you in the morning." I walk into my room and dress into my pj's, plopping on the bed.

  A tear rolls down my cheek followed by another, and another, then my cheeks become wet from my flowing tears. The memories are coming back. Louis and me when we first met, when he taught me the piano, and the great world of music, high school, when he...left.

   I slowly close my eyes, thinking about when Louis would hug me when I was down at times because my family had fights. His arms around me, his lips kissing the top of my head, we cared about each other so much. I really miss having my old best friend around, but hey I have an awesome best friend that I would never leave because we have each other's back, just like...Louis and I. I soon fall into a deep sleep.

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