Divergent- Origins (FOR COMPETITION)

Have you ever wondered who was the very first Divergent? And what made them so dangerous in reputation? I implore you. Keep reading. If you want to find out…
(republished for the Divergent fanfic competition)


4. 3

The grey buildings towered above Lani as she walked with her. She stared around at all the straight-faced teenagers walking in silence. She looked at the ground.

“Ah sorry,” Lani mumbled when she bumped into one of the Stiffs. The guy she'd bumped into nodded in acknowledgement but didn't say anything. He had short cropped brown hair and hard brown eyes. Were all Abnegations like this? Lani began wonder why she chose to be selfless. Was it really worth it?

“Hey you could at least say sorry,” Lani said. “You Sti-” She'd almost said Stiff. But she was one of them now. She couldn't insult her people.

The guy scowled.

“Just ignore him. His name's Andrew and I'm his twin, Lisa.” Lani surveyed the short blonde girl walking next to her.

“My name's Lani Gudrun.”

“I know. You used to be Dauntless,” Lisa said. “Why'd you swap?”

“Because I'm-” No you can't say that. “Why can't I?”

Lisa shrugged and didn't say anything more. Out of the corner of her eye, Lani saw Andrew watching her. She pulled her jacket closer to her.

“Right,” their leader, Jessica, called. “As almost all of us know,” she looked at me, “this is where we live. Go have a rest. We've got a big day tomorrow.” Everyone dispersed but Jessica walked up to Lani with a small smile on her face. “Hello.”

“Hi,” Lani said.

“You're new so just follow what everyone else is doing if you're confused. It shouldn't be that hard,” Jessica said. Then she made a beeline for a big building which everyone else had entered.

Lani stayed put. She felt unwelcome here. Uncomfortable. Definitely. Even though she couldn't admit it she missed her family badly. Tears began to form in her eyes. She hadn't cried since her finger almost got cut off when she was four. Was being Divergent going to always be this heart-wrenching?

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