The Curse Of The Stigma

The legend says that if you get the stigma you're cursed for life, you are a shame for you're own family and have to live in pain.

Ivy Nolan got the stigma and had to leave her village right away, Ivy's parents send her away to a camp. Camp Stigma. There other cursed teens lives, no one knows what happens with them just that they never comes back.


2. Full Grown Of The Stigma

To feel that pain in you're body thanks to the Stigma was really annoying, It was three months ago I got the Stigma Curse and I'm suppose to live with this my hole life?. I would rather marry that goat boy in our village, we called him smelly Henry cause he always smelled and was dirty.

I laid on the ground turning because of the pain, sometimes it hurts even more. We don't know why just that it's the way we have to go with the Stigma. Lisa came up to me all sweaty and exhausted, "are you hurting?". I nodded and tried my hardest not to scream, "it feels like...". "I know, like you're burning and someone is stabbing you with millions of knifes", Lisa tried to calm me down. This was the first time it happen to me, some says that when it happens for the first time its a sign that the Stigma is full grown on you're body.

"Just try to think about something else, I know it hurts I have gone threw this many times. We all have, you're not alone in this", Lisa spoke in a calm tone while sitting next to me. "I-it hurts so bad, I can't do this", I started to cry while my body started to shake a little bit. "Yes you can, you are starting to shake that's a good thing. It will soon be over Ives"

I screamed the last two minutes of the pain before it stopped. "You did it", Lisa said smiling. "Yeah this time", I breathed heavily like I had ran a marathon. "I'm going to take a shower, I got all sweaty from the running". Lisa left me on the ground. I actually wanted to thank her for that but I didn't even have the energy to shout after her. While I was laying there all alone looking at the sky, the guy I hit stood next to me. "Need a hand?", he asked and smirked. "No, I'm fine", I said aggressively. "Really?, cause you look awful".

Blane really gets on my nerves all guys do, except from John but he has never flirt with me ever. He is more like a older brother to me. "You don't have any better to do than watch over me?. It's literally you're first day and you are all over me". He just smiled at me and bit his lip, "seriously?, I've kicked you're ass once. I can do it again, stop flirt with me!". I got more and more irritated with the guy, but he finally left. "Thank god", I mumbled to myself. I was too tired to move, the others didn't even care that I was laying in the middle of the training field while they where training.

I've must have fallen asleep after that, cause that was all I remember before everything got black. "Finally you're awake", John complained. I got up and sat right next to him, "I fell asleep?". He nodded "Lisa told me you got the full experience of the Stigma pain, it's totally normal to fall asleep after".

I had never seen John mean or act cool, just that he has a hard time showing emotions. Lisa told me once that it probably got that way when he came to the camp, cause he has trained much more with that then us.

"How long was I asleep?", I asked and looked around. It was just me and him in the field which was very odd. Normally it's a lot of people here. "A couple of hours, it's four a clock. I can carry you to you're tent, I don't think you should sleep out here". I happily agreed and let him take me in his arms. He had a grey shirt on that matched his brown hair and dark eyes, I hadn't even notice before that his hole neck and arms was full off Stigmas. "If I'm too heavy you can let me down, I think I can walk to my tent from here". He laughed like it was a joke "are you kidding me?, you are not heavy and besides you are like family. But if you tell anyone that I said that I will throw you in the lake". "Understood boss", I mumbled.

When we got to my tent he let me down on my feet, I didn't feel so exhausted anymore in my body. John just walked away without saying anything instead Lisa and Nina came with sandwiches. "We got you some food sleepy head", Lisa said and smiled. "Mr Shier is waiting for me and some other teens so I have to go", Nina said and gave me a serious look before she left. She always does that, like she doesn't trust me. But I'm starting to get used to it, this is the Stigma Camp after all. We should act like that and live in darkness. "I can eat with you don't worry", Lisa walked inside of my tent and say down on my bed. I did the same and took a cheese sandwich from her and started eating. I was hungrier than I thought. "How are you feeling after you're first you know", Lisa asked and took a bite from her sandwich. "I'm okay, it was scary and knowing that it will happen a lot of times is scarier. But this is my life know", I looked at one of my arms that had some Stigmas on it. I'm literally scarred for life.

Lisa changed subject and started to talk about the new teens that came to the camp today. How the youngest girl was crying during the training with mr Shier and one if the boys had a bad attitude so mr Shier got angry and got him to clean the hole camp. If there is something you can't do it's having a bad attitude against mr Shier, he will rip you to shreds. "I met that Blane guy again, he came up to me when I was laying on the field", I said. "What did he say?". "It doesn't matter his annoying, he annoys me". I gave my sandwich to Lisa and walked outside to get some air.

Even talking about Blane annoyed me, and I didn't even know him. "You really don't like him huh?", Lisa stood beside me looking around the camp. "Flirty guys is the worse", I explained.

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