1. chapter one

As I dragged myself out of bed my alarm clock decided to go ape on my ass. It wouldn't shut the hell up. I ended up stabbing it with my mechanical pencil. Dandy! I just love stabbing alarm clocks. Note the sarcasm. I rummaged through my wardrobe picking out a simple tee and shorts. Grabbing my Converse and a beanie I stepped out the door, grabbed my longboard, and headed to Starbucks.

"Welcome to Starbucks what would you like ?" Asked the lady that worked and if I may add a little too politely.

"I'll have a venti caramel frappucino with 2 pumps of hazelnut syrup, extra caramel, java chips, and a mocha drizzle on top" I said.

"Seems like you have a sweet tooth" I heard a guy say with a British accent as I searched my purse for spare money.

I looked up and smiled, "yeah, I mean who doesn't"

"Crap, I don't have any money" I panicked.

The same guy poked me " here's ten dollars, if you need it"

"Thanks...... Wait a sec, aren't you that guy from one direction" I asked

He smiled "I'm surprised you didn't freak out like most girls, and yes I am from one direction. My names Louis Tomlinson."

"Well I'm not like 'most girls' Louis " I said grabbing my drink.

He laughed "I can tell. Hey, by any chance would you mind sitting with me"

"Why not, how many times will I get to sit with a celebrity hotshot like you" I giggled

"Not very often, so take notes" he said.

" I'm starting to think we're both smart asses"

He laughed "I'm starting to think you're right"

" Aren't I always?" I questioned.

" I wouldn't know that." He states grabbing my frap. He took a sip and I laughed softly, snatching it back.

" So, what kind of crazy shit do you do in San Diego?" I asked putting my phone in my pocket.

" Eh, you know screaming random things while in a shopping cart at grocery stores. And eating carrots during the ride along..." He said simply, but awkwardly. I tried my hardest to keep a straight face for as long as I could before I started cracking up.

" So what's the famous life like where you have no privacy, girls photoshop you into pictures with them, and people hit on you all day long?" I smirked.

" I'm still not use to it, none of the lads are. But hell!! It's fun!" He sighed. I just chuckled and handed him the rest of my frappe.

" Well I have to go, nice meeting you, Mr.Tomlinson." I said bowing and then smiled.

" Nice to meet you too......Erm. What's your name?" He said slightly embarrassed. I smiled and looked up at him from my bowing position.

" Shayla Ainsley "

" May I have your number miz shayla? "

"You wish!" I said.

He made a cute pouty face (ugh opal stop it, he's not cute) "pretty please"

I smiled "bye mr. Tomlinson"

I handed him a napkin with my name and number on it.

"Score!" He chanted.

" dork " I giggled as I walked through the door.

I went to my favorite park and sat down on a bench. I should've been planning out the party I would have on Friday but my thoughts were distracted. Louis was cute I got to admit, but he was famous and I didn't want to like someone with that sort of life (that's what my brain thought). The rest of me thought otherwise. "Oh gosh opal, u need to stop" I thought to myself. I got up from the warm bench and road my longboard to the mall. What an odd start to my Monday morning.

I laughed to myself ( even if I did like it there's no chance in hell he would go outta with me PLUS stupid media will make me get a TON of hate. Suck it up Opal you don't have a chance ) I pushed my longboard along the street and softly hummed to myself. I kept pushing until I arrived at the mall. I kicked my board up into my hands and walked on the double doors. As I walked in I saw a horde a girls. Great. Just great. I dragged my longboard along with me as I passed a teenage boy pushed through the crowd to get away. Shit. It was Louis. I tried to walk faster but he got me. He grabbed my forearm and pulled me into Forever21.

"Perf, exactly where I need to be. " I said sarcastically. I smiled as he dragged me away from the fan girls chasing us. I got out if his grip and ran ahead of him throwing my board ahead of me letting it glide, I grabbed Louis and jumped onto the board. I directed the board to the parking garage and let him off.

" Dayum girl you got ninja moves!" Louis exaggerated.

I scoffed," That Lou, was nothing. " I smirked.

I headed toward Ulta while Louis chased after me.

" Hold on Shayla" he panted.

I looked back at him and laughed, "speed up lover boy"

"I thought u were a tough skater girl" he said.

"Who said I wasn't girly?"

" You have a good point shayla, but you don't need makeup to cover up that pretty little face" he said.

"Oh gosh Louis, your such a flirt!" I blushed a lot but I did enjoy his flirty wittiness.

"Can't blame me," he said innocently and snickered.

I ended up buying a maybelline falsies mascara and a mint EOS.

"Do you want to hang out sometime?" He asked with a hint of nervousness in his voice.

I blushed, "Sure hotshot"

He smiled and blushed "When would be a good time?"

"I'll text you," I answered.

"I think I should get a goodbye hug!" He proclaimed confidently.

I hugged him for about 3 seconds and he smelled like the ocean. I pulled away, said bye, and headed home.

My friend Elena texted me:

Elena: hey girl!

Me: heyyyya!

Elena: so do u have a date to your party on Friday?

Me: I hope

Elena: Is your aunt going to be there?

Me: no

Elena: cool!

Me:yep. Make sure to tell Shannon, Hazel, Jacob, Andrew, Amelia, and Charlie!


Me:gtg bye!

The next morning Louis called me:

Louis: Hey Shayla

Me:Hey hotshot

Louis: How's it going?

Me: Great! How about you?

Louis: Bad.

Me: Why?

Louis: cause we aren't hanging out right now.

Me: *blushed and giggled* How about we meet at the beach?

Louis: that sounds perfect!

Me: Ok, I'll see you there in an hour!

1 hour later:

I honestly couldn't wait to see Louis. I am really starting to like him. I just hope I wouldn't embarrass myself.

"Hey Shayla" I recognized his voice behind me.

I waved at him. Damn he was hot! He walked up to me and hugged me! OMG l basically fell after he let go. We started walking on the sidewalk near the sand.

"So tell me more about yourself" he said curiously.

" I'm 18 years old, I don't have any siblings, my mom works in New York so I live with with my aunt, I love singing, and I sort of have a thing for dolphins" I told him

"You left out the part about being gorgeous," Louis said.

My face turned so pink and I punched his arm playfully.

"So what happened to your dad?" He asked.

I stopped and sat down on a metal chair, "ummm, he-he died in.. In a car accident when I was 11"

My eyes swelled up with tears and I looked down at my floral combat boots.

"Oh Shayla, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have asked. I'm truly sorry."

I looked up at him and he hugged me for a while. He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.

"How about we get ice cream to make you feel better?" He asked.

" Sure! That sounds good!" I replied.

When we got to Yogurt World, I got plain old chocolate ice cream and Louis got rainbow sherbert. He told me jokes about his tours and his band members. I kept on laughing and laughing until my stomach ached.

"I love your laugh," he said staring at me.

I blushed for the 100th time and looked into his eyes which were a bluish-green color. I guess I was in a trance because a minute later, I snapped back to reality and he was smiling.

"Stay still" he said.

He moved his hand and touched my lips (awkward)!

"Sorry you had some whip cream on your lips" he said.

"You should have just told me!" I said laughing.

"Well then I wouldn't have been able to do that," he said.

I grinned trying to keep a straight face. After I finished my ice cream, I rode home and watched Legally Blonde.

I texted Louis:

Me: hey I forgot to ask you to come to my party on Friday night. Do u wanna come?

Louis: of course!

Me: great! I'll pick you up at Starbucks on Friday!

Louis: sounds great!

Me: k bye :)

On Friday, I picked Louis up at Starbucks in my Mercedes. I drove to my house and he gasped.

"Damn your house is awesome" he said.

"Yep, my aunt is super rich soooo...." I said, trying not to sound like a spoiled girl.

We walked into the house and went to my room. I opened up the two huge glass doors that led to my balcony. The wind blew in my hair and I looked at the ocean.

"I always meet girls that are so conceited and selfish, but you're different. I like you for that." He said.

"We'll I've never met someone so famous but so down-to-earth and caring," I said.

Our eyes locked and he came closer to me. He leaned in and I stayed still mortified. It's not that I didn't like him (I actually really liked him) but I just didn't want to make a fool of myself. Thank god someone knocked on the front door. I looked at him with a sorry expression and I hurried downstairs.

"OMG you guys came! I'm so happy!" I jumped up excitedly and introuced Louis to Amelia,Hazel,Shannon,Jacob,Charlie,and Andrew.

It was around 7:00 PM and we decided to play truth or dare.

"Truth or dare" hazel asked Shannon.

"Dare" she answered.

"I dare you to eat a spoon of salt," hazel said.

Shannon ended up almost gagging and all of us laughed for about ten minutes straight.

"Truth or dare," Andrew asked Louis.

" truth" he replied.

" If you could date a girl in this room, who would it be?" Andrew asked.

Louis blushed "umm, it would be Shayla"

I smiled but kept my composure.

" truth or dare" Amelia asked me.

" dare" I said.

" I dare you to go into the closet and kiss Louis for seven minutes" Amelia said snickering.

I almost died of embarrassment but then I walked up to Louis and held out my hand. I led him to the closet and closed it. I was so glad the light wasn't on or else he would've seen my bright red face.

"Sorry, but I have to do this." He whispered. Then he kissed me and I almost fainted. I was completely shocked at first but I kissed him back. I could feel him smiling.

"That was awesome," I said smiling like an idiot.

I leaned in and kissed him again and I could tell he was surprised by my courageousness (lol). Anyway, this went on for a while and my lips felt all puffy after.

After playing truth or dare, we had a singing contest. Obviously Louis went first. He started singing:

Na na na na naNa na na na na He takes your handI die a littleI watch your eyesAnd I'm in riddlesWhy can't you look at me like that Na na na na naWhen you walk byI try to say itBut then I freezeAnd never do itMy tongue gets tiedThe words get trapped I hear the beat of my heart getting louderWhenever I'm near you But I see you with him Slow dancingTearing me apart'Cause you don't seeWhenever you kiss himI'm breaking Oh, how I wish that was me Na na na na naNa na na na na He looks at youThe way that I wouldDoes all the thingsI know that I couldIf only time, could just turn back 'Cause I've got three little wordsThat I've always been dying to tell you But I see you with him slow dancingTearing me apart'Cause you don't seeWhenever you kiss himI'm breakingnOh, how I wish that was meWith my hands on your waistWhile we dance in the moonlightI wish it was meThat you call later on'Cause you wanna say good night'Cause I see you with himSlow dancingTearing me apartCause you don't see But I see you with him slow dancing Tearing me apartCause you don't seeWhenever you kiss himI'm breaking Oh, how I wish Oh, how I wish Oh, how I wish, that was me Oh, how I wish, that was me.

I was amazed his voice was beautiful. I ran up to him and kissed him. I got butterflies but it felt awesome.

"Get a room you two!" Charlie said playfully.

I stuck my tongue out at him. Later, we ordered pizza and sodas.

"Im going up to my room you guys," I told everyone.

I walked through my room and put on some chapstick ( my mint EOS) . I went out to my balcony and called my mom:

Mom: Hey honey! What are you doing up so late?

Me: *I laughed* Mom it's only 9:30 here in Malibu. It must be 12:30 in New York. What areyou doing up so late?

Mom: Oh you know, just working on a project for work.

Me: I miss you, when are you coming to visit.

Mom: When summer is over. Got to go sweetie.

Me: Goodnight mom. Love you!

Mom: Love you too!

She hung up and i tried not to cry. My mom had to work in New York when I turned 11. She couldn't take me because it was really expensive to get a decent sized house for the both of us in NYC (and we didnt have as much money as my aunt).

Louis was standing outside my bedroom door.

Me: Hey Louis! Come in.

Louis: you thinking about your mom?

Me: Yeah, you must have heard the phone call.

Louis: I know how it feels. I cant see my family very often because of tours and other stuff.

Me: It sucks.

Louis: Yep. I have a question for you.

Me: Ok ask away.

Louis: *he got down on one knee* Will you, Shayla Ainsley, be my girlfriend?

Me: *i laughed* Yes hotshot!

Louis: Score!

Me: *I blushed* Dork!

Louis: *he smiled* Hey! I may be a dork, but im a n awesome dork. And...

I kissed him and he smiled.

Louis: Well that was a great way to shut me up.

I giggled

Me: I guess I'm the new hotshot

Louis: I guess your right!

We both started laughing.

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