This is an entry of a really embarrassing moment.


1. embarrassing moment

So there is this contest for embarrassment. I decided to enter so here it is.

So I was in the fifth grade at recess and I was chasing my friend. It had rained so the ground was muddy. I ended up slipping and I tried to regain my balance but fell in the mud. I was covered in mud while wearing purple pants. The day was only half over so I had to uncomfortably walk around with dried mud on me. Sure I mean I got most of it off but I still fell in front of everyone. It was so embarrassing. I might as well have been wearing white pants to make it worse but I didn't own any. I had to walk around like that for the rest of the day.

Lesson: NEVER EVER run in mud with light pants on.


Embarrassment is something that's hard to live down. Something mortifying. Sometimes painful.

Example 2:

I was in third grade and our teacher left. She said not to talk but I did. She made me put my name in the BOOK.I had never had my name in the book so i threw a giant tantrum. Including crying, begging , and rolling on the floor. She asked if I wanted to make a scene in front of the class and I kept going. Luckily my class was small but my work was for nothing because my name was still in the book.

Example 3:

This one is short. I was in fifth grade and we finished taking a test. We were switching papers to grade and I was about to switch with someone I didn't like. So I started whining like a baby. I got in trouble and was sent to a different classroom where I sat and cried in the back while getting stared at. Definitely not my finest moment. Far from.

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