They Don't Know About Us

Louis fell in love with Niall the minute he saw his nervous smile as he walked on stage.
Niall fell in love with Louis the minute he heard him singing to himself late one night.
They know they have to hide their love from everyone else but how successful will they be?


1. The X Factor

Louis POV
I look down the line of hopeful contestants, all of us waiting to see if we are going to get through. Near the end of the line is a young Irish boy around my age; Niall Horan. His nervous smile is so adorable I can't help smiling. 'Pull yourself together Tommo, he will either be your opponent or someone you're never going to see again' I tell myself. I stand upright and look at the judges. The next thing I know I am being pushed out of the door, my heart sinking just like all the others. I'm about to walk out of the studio when some guy taps me on the shoulder and tells me the judges want to see me. I walk through to a separate and see the judges and four other boys. One I remember vividly, Harry Styles. All the girls loved his curly hair but I personally didn't see anything special in him. There's also Liam Payne, it was his second time auditioning, it must be heart-breaking not getting through for a second time. Then there's Niall. I can't help but stare at him. His blonde hair never fails to make my heart melt. But then I look away. I can't be in a relationship with a member of my new band! On the outside I'm smiling but on the inside my heart is sinking. Everyday I will have to look at him, hear him, live through my own personal hell.

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