Time waits for no one in this thrilling stroy about a timetraveller by the name of Dave Turner. When he was only 7 he found out he was capable of turjing back time, and seeing the future. He watches his wedding, and sees his kids growup before it has even happened. But to his shock, his kid from the future goes back in time to warn him of a terrible tragedy in the future. As the clock ticks closer to the day, Dave has to work out a way to save his family by changing the past. But will changing the past, rip a hole in his future?


1. Finding Out

It was normal start for Dave. He was just like any other ordinary kid, as far as he, and anyone else was concerned. Nothing seemed different about this kid, until his seventh birthday. He finally got that remote controlled car he always wanted, and the excitement all at once, bilt up something strange inside of him. Next thing he knew he had travelled back in time to his first day of school. He panicked and ended up flying even further back to the day he was born. After seeing himself being born, he was so shocked, and disgusted that he ended up flying years into the future. Seeing himself the age gis parents are scared him enough to gey him back to the birthday party. By then his parents were around him, as it got up from the floor with a nose bleed. All the party guests were looking scared doen at him. Everyone was sent home, and Dave went to a doctor to get checked as he apparently hit the floor pretty hard when he passed out. After that, a few other incidents occured, but after a few embarressing moments of fainting on return to the present day all the time, Dave finally realized he had a gift. And not a very good gift as far as he was concerned. He could time travel, hehad to face thr facts that he was a time traveller. The only curse with this condition is that  he had no control on whenever he travelled in time. He would always travel at inaproppriate times, such as if a hot girl talks to him causing his heart to skip a beat, or if he is scared, or even excited. Anything that causes his heart to skip a beat, or begin to race will cause him to leap though time to the past, or a part in his life that hasn't even happened yet. But it wasn't so bad. He did quite enjoy seeing how his future would turn out.                                                              

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