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What would you do if you were suddenly sucked into your game. This is exactly what happened to Joshua Game. One minute he was playing a game, his mother yelling for him to help as usual. The next minute he is trapped in his computer screen. He is the main character of this survival game. As he is up against a bunch of weird creatures he suddenly wishes he had put the game level to easy, rather than hard.


1. Total Gamer

Joshua Game was, as his last name suggested, quite the gamer. He flunked school, and skived in order to play video games all day at home. He never helped his mother, as he was always gaming by hiself, or with mates. He een ate upstairs. He was so obsessed that he even began urinating in bottles brcause he couldn't be bothered toleave him room. At times he smelt of strong body odour bcause he did not bath as much as he should of. He was even sometimes found asleep in his chair a few timrs. He played sll through the night, and thrn wondered why he eas so tired in the morning. Something really had to be done about this. As his mum called from downstairs for his help, Joshua yelled "I'm busy with my game mum!"His mum yelled back to him "one day you will actually get a scial life, and start helping your poor old mum!" Just before Josh could call back to his mother, he was suddenly sucked into his computer screen.

Josh tried desperatly to bang his way out of the glass, but he was well and truley stuck. He heard a stick crack behind him. As he turned around he came face toface with a huge black hairy spider, with  thousands of red beady eyes. As more giant spiders crowded around him, he remembered thinking to himself 'why couldn't I have set the game on easy, rather than hard!'

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