Faded Scars

Logan is a fox, scrounging for scraps of sanity whilst Scarlett is a swan, gliding towards it.
Logan's only ever known stale walls and sterilised floors.
Scarlett's only ever known shattered promises and the ones she loves leaving.
Logan hears voices and sees things, things that make him do bad things.
Scarlett just wants to help but the closer she gets to something the farther away it seems.
Both of them are slowly loosing the battle but can they survive if they're also loosing everyone around them?


2. Losing People

Scarlett Chapter 2;


“Can you take me to the beach?” Olivia asks, blue eyes wide and clear; wild with childish excitement. I sigh and shake my head, slight grin playing at my lips.

“Oh please, Scar!” She whines, grabbing onto my arm and sticking her bottom lip out at me. I sigh again before finally giving in and agreeing. I loved seeing her happy. It was the only thing I could do for her now.

I help her into the pink wheelchair that me and her had painted over a year ago and I smile warmly at the memory. She had moaned about how boring the wheelchairs were here and she just wished she could make them all brighter. So, that night I went to the local hardware shop and brought a can of bright pink paint. I remember the huge grin she had on her face when I walked in with it under my arm the next morning. We spent the rest of that day painting it and flicking it at eachother; hair, face and clothes the same colour by the end of it.

“Here,” I hand Olivia a blanket and she takes it wordlessly, smiling her thanks. I help her wrap it firmly around her, blonde hair from her wig tumbing out around her in wispy curls, before opening her room door and wheeling her out into the hallway. It was just gone twelve and the ward was fairly busy. We were just about to make it out of the doors when Terry, one of the head nurses, stopped us and asked what I was doing.

“Olivia wants to go to the beach,” I say, praying he’ll let us go unnoticed. I watch as his thick eyebrows crease together for a few brief moments. Olivia does her puppy-eyed thing and bottom lip sticking out and after a while Terry lets us go with the promise we’ll be back in an hour. But I knew it wasn’t Liv’s eyes or lips that made him decide to let us go. It was the fact that today could be the last day she ever saw. 


I sit up straighter in my chair, mind fuzzy and blank from day-dreaming. I’d been caught up in thoughts of Olivia for several days now; and frankly it was driving me insane. She’d died six months ago yesterday and I was still in deep mourning. I may have only known her for a year and eight months but that little girl was everything to me. Then she was ripped from my hands by cancer but my fingers still desperately clasped onto any memory I could.

“Scarlett?” The sound of Miss Lowe causes me to look up and meet her concerned eyes. She frowns down at me for a moment before nodding at the clock on the wall.

“It’s six, you should be getting home.” Miss Lowe was the school librarian and although she could look grumpy and grouchy a lot of the time, she was the nicest woman I had ever met.

“Thanks, Miss Lowe.” I say with a small sigh, piling my folder into my bag and standing from the chair. The library was empty apart from us and the cleaners now; all the other students long gone. It was a Friday and they were most likely all at home or getting ready to go out and party. I should be with them. I wanted to be with them. But somehow I never felt right when squished up against some sweaty boy who I’ve never met before inside of a dark club with only strobe lights offering any kind of light; surrounded by people eating eachothers faces off.

“Are you sure you’re okay, Scarlett?” Miss looks down at me as she pulls her greying hair back into a bun and pulls her glasses from her nose. She looked a lot older without them; tired and vulnerable. Miss Lowe had lost her husband within a week of me losing Olivia. Since then we’d had several long chats about life and losing people we loved. I felt bad for her, her Husband was the only one she had left and now he was gone. But that was life, she had said with a strained expression. I didn’t totally agree, but I hadn’t said this to her. Instead I had pondered it over in my mind since that night. Was it just life? Or did it have a purpose? Would Miss Lowe not be the person she is today if her husband was still here? Would she still see life through the same glass? Because if people did see life through glass, I thought that my glass was completely frosted and beginning to crack; but I didn’t mind. It was knowing I could clear up that fog and fix that crack for other people that made getting up in the morning worthwhile.


As I walk home, my mind is still pounding with all of these questions and possible answers. I desperately wanted answers. I didn’t care if they were stupid, logical or personal. I just needed answers. I dismiss these thoughts as best I can with a sigh and turn my key in the lock, knowing that no one will be home yet. My Mum was at work, leaving me alone for another two hours at least. I loved my mum and knew that she worked extremely hard to keep us three living comfortably but I sometimes wished she was around more often. It wasn’t her fault, really. My dad walked out on us when I was twelve and Calla was not even a year old. It was just us three now and I still hadn’t decided if I preferred it that way or not. I sigh and drop my school bags to the floor, listening to the empty house. It was too quiet. I switch on the tv and stare at the screen for a while, absentmindedly watching two people have an argument from some stupid soap. I turn it up slightly, just to fill the uncomfortable silence surrounding me. I trudge to the bathroom and run the bath, watching as it fills up. Then I strip and gradually climb in, the hot water scolding my skin. A few minutes later my phone begins to ring on the side of the bath beside me. I dry my hand on a towel before picking it up, frowning at the screen. It was Quinn, one of my friends. She had been the first to talk to me when I started school here and since then we’d spent a lot of time together. Quinn was my complete opposite; outgoing, loud and confident. She loved to go out and was most likely going to ask me to a party tomorrow night if I answered the phone. I contemplate for a minute before deciding it would be rude not to atleast tell her that I don’t want to go so I answer.


 “Scar! I didn’t think you were going to pick up,” I can hear some annoying chart music being played in the background and I bite my lip, pushing some of my wet hair behind my ear.

“So, Ethan Young is having this party tomorrow and..” She starts but I cut her off with a deep sigh.

“I know. I’m not going.” I state and I can picture her rolling her eyes.

“Come on, Scar! You haven’t been out in…years!” She was over-exaggerating, but this was Q.

“I haven’t got anything to wear,” I tell her, exasperated.

“Don’t lie to me, Scarlett. You know that blue dress you brought last month makes you look absolutely divine and Ethan will practically be falling all over you if you wear it with a pair of my white heels.” She tries her best to tempt me, her voice becoming silky-like. This technique usually worked on her Dad if she wanted a new pair of shoes or a bag but I had slowly became immune to this over our six year friend-ship. I roll it over in my mind for a minute. Since Olivia died I hadn’t been out at all and with all my coursework lately I had been overly stressed out. I guess it could do me some good to have one night off, even if it meant I had to spend a couple hours on Saturday catching up.

“Fine, I’ll go.”

“Woo!” The sound of Q dancing around her room and singing a celebratory song causes my lips to turn up into a smile. Quinn always had a way of making me smile and cheering me up; no matter how annoying she could sometimes be, she always knew what to say and when.

“I love you, Scar. Night,” Then in a hurry to probably move onto her next task of the night, she puts the phone down before I have the chance to open my mouth.


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