She's the one

Zayn was crowded with a mob of fans when he caught contact with a girl that he would never forget. He saw her again, where does it go from there...


4. Suprise

Had he done all this for me? Does he like me? I asked him 'Have we got the whole of this to ourselves?' 'Yes, I didn't want anyone to interrupt us,' he said cheekily. I smiled. As we put our skates on he asked me 'Maya, do you know how to ice skate?' I replied insecurely 'Not really'. He stepped onto the ice and took me by the hands and helped me on.

At first I was holding onto the barrier around the edge until Zayn said to me 'let go of the edge, don't worry you can trust me babe.' I decided to do what he said and let go of the barrier. We skated around the rink many times and then I said 'can we sit down for a bit, I'm getting a little tired.' 'Sure babe, whatever you want' he replied.

We sat down on the outside of the rink an started talking. 'Zayn, why did you do this for me?' I asked. 'I wanted to make a good first impression' he replied. I got a tingly feeling all over my body. 'It's freezing in here' I said shivering. Zayn took off his jacket an put it over my shoulders. I looked up and into is golden/hazel eyes, our faces inches apart. 'Maya?' Zayn said. 'Yes' I replied. 'You are one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.' I blushed and looked down at the ground. He lifted my head up by my chin and kissed me softly on the lips...

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