She's the one

Zayn was crowded with a mob of fans when he caught contact with a girl that he would never forget. He saw her again, where does it go from there...


8. In my apartment

He came into my apartment and we sat down on the sofa. I couldn't stop worrying about my ex and what he said to me. What if he come and finds me I thought. Zayn said to me 'what's wrong babe, you don't seem yourself?' 'Its nothing, don't worry' I replied. 'I worry about you babe' he replied not letting it go.

'Anyway, what do you want to do tonight' I said trying to change the subject. 'It is completely up to you babe,'said Zayn putting his arm around my shoulders on the sofa. 'I've got something in mind, I said with a cheeky grin appearing on my face. Zayn smiled.

He came closer to me putting his arms around my waist and gently kissed me on my head. 'You're perfect' he said in a deep voice. 'You are the perfect one here' I replied blushing. He pushed his lips against myn and lay down on the sofa with me laying on top of him.

Just then my phone buzzed. It was jake, my ex, calling me. 'Who is it babe?' Zayn asks cautiously...

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