She's the one

Zayn was crowded with a mob of fans when he caught contact with a girl that he would never forget. He saw her again, where does it go from there...


1. Walk in the park

I had left my apartment in London at 9am, I was about to take my dog on a walk when It started raining. I thought to myself 'do I really want to go out in this weather?' I decided to put my coat on and go. I took Bella (my dog) to the park a few blocks away. There was something unusual happening in the park...

I saw a crowd of people gathering around a certain area. 'What could be going on' I thought. When I walked over to check what was going on out, I saw five boys stood there looking fed up.

When they fought there way through the crowd I got a proper look at them. It was one Direction. When I looked at one of them he looked straight at me. I got butterflies in my stomach, I didn't know what was wrong with me. He stopped and stood still for a moment until one of the other boys pulled him by the arm.

When I got back to my apartment, I could not get his gorgeous face out of my mind. He had perfect dark hair, golden/hazel eyes and the most amazing smile I had ever seen. I knew I needed to see him again. I thought 'how am I ever going to see him again?'

The next day I heard one direction were having an interview not far from where I lived. I decided to go along and wait for them to finish...

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