Midnight Memories

Sophie just moved into a new house meeting a boy along the way whose name is Liam. She falls deeply in love with him as they create Midnight Memories together.
**Caution, there are some naughty scenes**


1. Moving day

This is my first fanfic, sorry if it sucks but please comment what you think about it:)

Sophie's POV~

I pulled into the drive way of my new house as I sat in the drivers seat looking at the sky where clouds were starting to form. I needed to start unpacking quickly before it started to rain, so I hurried and got out of the truck and tried to get the boxes into the house as quickly as possible. I was about half way through getting all the boxes in the house when I heard loud voices coming around the corner. There were five guys around their twenties about the same age as me, they were very handsome guys I must admit. As I was struggling to pick up a very heavy box one of them ran over and helped me before it fell out of my hands. "Be careful" he laughed as he took the box and set it down on my porch. "Thanks" I said with a little grin on my face. I looked at the other four boys as they joked about the two of us giggling at each other and decided to leave giving the guy who had helped me a wink and leaving him behind with me. I turned back to the guy who had helped me. "Sorry I'm being rude" he said "My name is Liam" he said in a british accent as he held out his hand. "Sophie" I replied shaking his hand "Its nice to meet you Liam" I said.

Liam's POV~

Wow, I thought to myself she was absolutely beautiful. She had long brown hair that ended at her waist, a perfect golden tan and a hot curvy body. I finally started to speak up, hoping that she couldn't tell that I was staring at her. "May I help you unpack," I said "Its starting to get dark and its looking like its going to rain" I said sounding really desperate. I waited for her response hoping she would say yes. She stared at me for a second and said "Sure I could use an extra hand" It took about ten minutes to help her bring everything in, we were finally done as it started to pour. She started giggling as she grabbed my arm and took me inside her house to avoid the rain as she closed the door behind her.

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