My life with 5 boys i love

What would you do if you were walking down the street, and run into your 5 idols? Find out what Rose does when this happens to her.


2. one direction???!!!

I was walking and i wasnt paying attention so i ran into someone. Your not going to believe who that someone is… ONE DIRECTION!!!!

(R rose H harry N Niall L louis Li liam Z zayn)

R sorry!!

N its okay love!

R i am rose.

All boys together AND WE'RE ONE DIRECTION!

R i was just heading home from my walk… ummm… do you guys want to hangout at my place

Z we would love too!!

Li thanks!!

R anytime!!

L do you have carrots???

R yes i have a lot. Just in case i ever ran into you guys.…

I mumbled the last part…


Li Lou keep your voice down!! We just got out of a mob of girls, we dont want to we attacked again.

L sorry LiLi!!

H thanks so much!! Usually if we run into one fan they'll scream our names and cause more girls to come. Not that we dont love our fans we just dont want to get mobbed. You just said hi and acted as if we were good friends of yours. Thanks!!

R thats fine!' Its the least i could do considering i kind of just rammed into you guys. And i could tell that you guys always get mobbed so i didnt want to cause a big directioner gathering.

N im hungry!!!

R i will make lunch as soon as we get to my place. Its right around the corner.

N are you sure? Your already inviting is in, i dont want to be a bother.

R dont worry your always welcomed!!

Right when i said that i blushed.

All boys someones got a crush on Nialler!!!

R no i dont!!

Li okay guys lets go, its starting to get cloudy.

As if write on que it started raining.

All of us RUN!!

When we got inside my house, i told the boys they could make themselves at home while i made lunch. "Boys lunch is ready!!" I yelled into the other room. "Fooooooooooooooooood!!!" Niall yelled sliding into the kitchen. "I made an assortment of sandwiches. Turkey ham peanut butter jelly peanut butter fluff and for the side we have carrots. " "CARROTS!!" "How long are you guys staying in florida??" I asked. (Forgot to mention she lived in florida). "We leave sunday and todays monday so in 7 days" liam said. "Oh…" when he said that my heart dropped and i guess they could tell because louis and harry both said " don't be sad, have our numbers" with that they took my phone and put in their numbers:

LiLi: **********



Bradford bad boi: **********


After lunch we just started talking when we heard a loud knock on the door.....

A/N: who do you think will be at the door?? Oh and HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!! Anyways thanks for reading!! Keep reading to hear more about Rose and the boys friendship.

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