Who Will U Choose??????

This is a story about a 19 year old girl, Sasha, she is a singer and actress and is also the most beautiful and hottest teenager as of 2013.....she gets to experience the life as Justin Biebers girlfriend and how much he loves her.....but that might not end as well as planned..... as her previous school, (since she is famous she doesnt go to college) is taking her whole class to Paris for a trip and all the boys in her class are in line to be her boyfriend including her ex........Find out will this effect their relationship or will they be hottest couple?????? Will she cave back to her ex or will they play the jealousy game????


1. U Dont Remember Me


SASHA PIETERSE:  Is a singer, actress, fashion designer and Justin Biebers best friend

JUSTIN BIEBER:  As Justin Bieber

IAN:   Sasha's ex boyfriend and her class mate

JASON AND JAXSON:   Ians group members....FYI they r brothers

NINA AND CODY:   Nina and Cody were her best friends in college and they still have contact

Sasha is going to Paris because she has some shows to do there..She is going to the LAX airport,since she is so famous she did the security check and went to the first floor of the airport she got out from there and ,there was a limu waiting to take her to the plane.When she came close to the plane her driver stopped the car and got down.Above her was the glass bridge that connected the airport to the plane's door.The bridge was really crowded and it was full of 19 or 20 year old teenage girls and guys everyone was wondering who that person was that got out of the limu and boarded their bus. Ian,Jason,Cody.and Jaxson were all staring at that car.

Ian:"Dude,Check it out some limu came!"

Cody:"I guess some celebrity or important person came.They try to stay separate from the normal people,like us."

Jason:"Come on guys we r not normal!!! Ian's father like owns the whole Scotland.Cody's parents are like billionare's.And me and Jaxson have the richest business man as our father and U think we r normal???"

Jaxson:"Nobody here is normal.We all like have super rich or super busy parents thats the reason we go to this college"

Everone still is looking out the window..Suddenly Sasha comes out of the car.Her head is low until one of the security guards asked for her to give an aoutograph.

Ian:"Check her out guys!!She is DAMN hot!!!!"

Cody:"Wait,guys i think i know that girl she looks very familier especially her body shape."

Nina to Cody:"Hey babe wat u lookin at?"

Cody:"Hey sweetie, look doesnt she look familier?"

Nina:"Who???Her???(pointing at sasha who was taking a picture with the guard to give his daughter)


Nina:"Oh yah she is Sasha,Why do u ask??"

Cody:"Ian thinks she got a DAMN HOT BODY.Jason and Jaxson both agreed with him"

Nina:"And u didnt AGREE?"

Cody:"Nope"(popping the p)

Nina:"U can just say it Cody cause i know her and the way she looks in bikini is just simply WOW.Even me as a girl LOVE her body and no doubt that the whole world loves it to...She is the most BEAUTIFUL and SEXIEST female teenager of 2013 according to hollywood life and forbes magazine..."

Ian:"No kidding right??? But how do u know her???"

Nina:"Seriously guys??? U forgot her??? Ian u too???? WOW BOYS ARE DUMB"

Ian :"Who is she????"


All the boys together(except Cody):"Oooohhhhhhhh"

Ian:"But i thought she left after i cheated on her for 7 times"

Nina:"Yes!!! She did leave but not for u for her career..She is very succesful she is a platinum selling artist, she just did a movie with Tom Cruise and James Franco, she has her own nail polish line and her clothing line "

Ian Jason and Jaxson:"How??Really???When???"

Nina:"If u guys ever even bothered to watch the news u would know.....and everyone except u three boys (pointing at Ian Jason and Jaxson) have contact with her....."

Ian:"Even cody has contact with her???"

Cody:"Yah man....i mean she was my best friend and like a sister sooo yah"

 Airport Reporter Voice:"EVERYONE  PLEASE BOARD YOUR PLANE !!!!"

Everyone started moving and boarded the plane they took their seats.One whole aile was booked by their college principal.Sasha also boarded the plane her seat was special... she was taken to one of the three cabins that were in the plane.Her cabin included a sofa,mini bar ,bed and personal bathroom...


I boareded the plane and went to my cabin...it wasnt bad but it didnt compare to my private jet,which was much much better but anyways i was stll happy as only the passengers in the cabin can use wifi and also use thier cell phones...So i went to inside the cabin and made myself comfortable. I kept my bags in one side of the bed and got out a diet coke from the bar.I took out my phone from my bag and kept it on the table in front of the sofa....I soon made myself comfortable and layed on the sofa starring right out the window ....I had my phone in my hand and suddenly


From Justin :" Hey!!!Did u forget me???"

To Justin:"NO!!! I miss u like crazy....when will i see???"

From Justin:"I dont know babe maybe after a week or so??"

To Justin:"I miss u...I kind of need your help"

From Justin:"Anything babe...just say it."

To Justin:"Ok....so u do know i am on my way to Paris,right??"

From Justin:"Yap."

To Justin:"Well, when i was boarding the plane there were like several teenage guys starring at me....so i kind of looked up and saw this really cute guy,but he didnt see me look at him....and just soo happens that guy is my ex and he just look sooooo much better now..He is cuter and more sexier....do u think i should talk to him???"

From Justin:"Yah...do whatever u want"

Justin's P.O.V

I was really missing Sasha.So i thought i would text her....Everything was going fine until she brought up the topic of CUT GUYS IN HER PLANE.....I just hate it when she talks about other guys...I have had a crush on her since forever she is just like perfection...I love her sooo much but i just cant tell her thinking that she might not love me as boyfriend and only love me as a best friend...This pain is killing me....I WANT TO TASTE HER LIPS SOOO BAD....so i got a surprise for her......





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