Who Will U Choose??????

This is a story about a 19 year old girl, Sasha, she is a singer and actress and is also the most beautiful and hottest teenager as of 2013.....she gets to experience the life as Justin Biebers girlfriend and how much he loves her.....but that might not end as well as planned..... as her previous school, (since she is famous she doesnt go to college) is taking her whole class to Paris for a trip and all the boys in her class are in line to be her boyfriend including her ex........Find out will this effect their relationship or will they be hottest couple?????? Will she cave back to her ex or will they play the jealousy game????


3. Dont know u

Sashas P.O.V

After i was done texting Justin, well more like after he was done texting me i sat ther quietly admiring the beauty of the sky...when suddenly i heard a knock on my door...Not to be rude or anything i didnt want to meet my fans now, i love them to the moon and back but now i just wasnt feeling it so instead i just said "Who is it??"

Crew :"Maam i am part of the Emirates crew and there are some poeple waiting for u outside ,they are claiming to know who you are...so should i allow them in???

Aaaaauuuuggghhhh....who could it possibly be that could know me

Sasha :"Could u possibly tell me there name pls??"

Crew :"Yes maam...Ian and Nina"

OMG!!! It was nina i hadnt seen her in sooo long...well practicaly forever although i talked to her never actually seen her....and IAN well probably its ninas boyfriend or something..

Sasha :"Yess!! Let them in,"

I was sitting there waiting for nina to come in...and within seconds she came in..i got up and hugged her we were really shocked to see eachother so it took us awhile to adjust with the environment...but behind her was Ian may i guess....i think i have seen him somewhere those green blue eyes just look so familer...i just couldnt sit there and not notice such a cute guy so i asked nina..

Sasha :"Nina??? Who is your friend here?"

Nina :"SERIOUSLY????? WHAT THE HELL SASHA!!!??? U DONT KNOW HIM??? HIM??? HIM???" (pointins at ian)

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