Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


5. WHAT!?

I looked around in the strange room. I noticed my phone was beside me. I picked it up and unlocked it, 29th of June 12:32, I have been passed out for a long time! It was already my third day! I then heard a knock on the door and in walked Harry. "Hi." He said with a smile. "Hi." I mimicked and sat up. "I know you have only just woke up but what were you going to say to Niall before you fainted?" Harry asked me sitting next to me on the bed. "I was going to go home, I need to patch things up, I need to do some things." I answered him. "And it couldn't wait a week?" He asked me getting closer to me for comfort. "Right I'm going to tell you everything if you promise not to tell anyone?" I said to him and let him put his arm around me. "I promise you I won't tell anyone!!" Harry said and kissed my head. "Right my mum is a drunk and I don't know who my dad is, but my dad knows me because he gave me the chance to win this trip here. My mum said if I left to come here I shouldn't bother coming back and I left and she hit's me which is why I have this.." I showed him 4 bruises on my arms. "..Now that I can't go home I was planning to make you 5 like me so much that you let me live with you and now I think I should go back to mum's so I could help patch up my relationship with her it probably won't work but I need to and I don't know what to do!" I said actually quite fast because when I finished I had to breath quite heavily to get my breath back. Harry looked really upset and hugged me tightly . "You can stay as long as you want!" He cried. "Harry are you crying?" I asked him. "No." He cried. I looked up to him and saw tears rolling fast down his face. "You are come here." I said and held out my arms. He came even closer and I wrapped my arms tightly around him. "I'm sorry to make you cry!" I stated. "I love you!" Harry whispered back. I broke the hug and looked at him shocked. "WHAT!?" 

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