Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


10. They love me

My outfit for today. "You look nice today." Harry told me. I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. A knock on the door. "I'll get it." Harry told me as I sat down with my cup of tea. I started to watch Holyoaks and blocked out everything else. Until Harry and Niall sat either side of me followed by Louis sitting on the chair. Louis turned the volume down on the tv which snapped my out of watching my tv. "What you do that for?" I asked Louis. "We need to talk, all of us." He said. "What about." I asked them all. "Well me and Niall talked, I know you two lied but I understand. We need to talk because we all like you and we thought you should know." Harry told us. What did he just say. "Wait, you all like me?" I asked shocked. "We all LOVE you." Niall corrected. "But I love Harry." I said looking at him. Louis head dropped. "Louis I hardly know you apart from what every fan knows." I said to him. "But I know you, you could give me a chance." He begged. "I love Harry." I told him. "And Niall Scarlett loves you so much, you can't leave her." I told him. "I don't care about Scarlett I want you!" He sounded like a stroopy toddler. Everyone looked at him shocked. "Niall you can't say that." Louis said with sad eyes. "Niall go home to Scarlett and Rosie, we all agree your better off with her." I told him and hugged him. I stood up pulling him with me. I opened the door gave him a little kiss on the cheek and then walked him to his car. "Bye Niall." I lightly smiled as he got in his car. He and I both cried and he went home. I walked back to the living room, "Louis, I love Harry I'm sorry. Maybe we could spend the day together some times though." I gave him a slight smile just like the one I gave to Niall and he left keeping his tears away. "I love you Harry." I kissed his soft lips. "I love you too Amy." He answered. "I know." I smiled. "I'm going to bed." I told him and he followed me. I lay there leaning on his chest cuddling into him. "Good night Harry." I whispered and fell asleep. I'm so happy I have Harry.  

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