Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


3. The movie

When I woke up I put in one of my favorite outfits 

I walked into the kitchen and spun. "Tadahh." I said as I spun. "You look nice." Niall smiled. "Is, Scarlett not here?" I asked trying to make out I forgot her name. "No, she's already left." Niall smiled and handed me some pancakes. "Thank you." I smiled as he sat down to eat his. "When are the boys coming over?" I asked him politely after I had finished what was in my mouth. "In a couple minutes. Do you need me to tell you their names or something?" Niall joked. I nearly said no but then remembered my back story. "Yes please, I forgot to do my research on you guys. I'm so forgetful." I smiled, I was getting fed up of lying to him. It feels awful lying to the one I love. "Okay, I will introduce you when they get here." Niall offered. I nodded as the door bell rang. "Which would be now." Niall laughed and answered the door. "Hey guys." Niall shouted and went into a group hug. "Wow. Who is this?" Harry asked kissing my hand. I giggled. "I would be Amy and you are?" I asked him lying still of course I knew. "I'm Harry, from One Direction..." He answered explaining who he was. "Oh right, hello Harry!" I smiled. "This is Louis, Zayn and Liam." Niall said pointing to each one. "Hi." I waved. "Niall, where's Scarlett?" Louis asked him. "Out, this is the girl who's friend one the competition, it's all complicated but she's staying with us for a week." Niall explained. "Maybe longer." Harry winked at me. "Charmer." I giggled to him. "Of course." He winked again. "Stop it you two." Liam laughed and walked over  to me. "I am Liam and you will be sitting next to me." He told me picking me up in his arms and lifting me to the sofa. "Thank you." I giggled as he put me down gently on the sofa. I never thought the boys would be this perfect. Right now I did care about anything that's ever happened to me just what's happening now. Harry tackled Louis and jumped next to me. "Hello there." I giggled. "Do you mind?" He asked putting his arm around me. "Um, no. Your fine." I tried to sound confused. Liam placed his hand on my leg then smirked at Harry. Harry glared at him and got closer to me. Liam came closer as well. "You look tired do you want to rest down on me?" Harry asked me stroking my hair. I nodded and placed me head on his chest while Liam leaned in and kissed my cheek. "Would the lady like a proper kiss?" Harry asked me. Trying to beat Liam obviously. "Shall I move?" I asked them both. "NO! We are sorry." Liam said and moved his hand from my leg. "They get a bit competitive sometimes." Louis laughed. "Oh right." I awkwardly smiled. The rest of the boys sat down and we began our movie. We were watching Titanic. "I hate this bit." I cried. It always made me cry my eyes out. "Same." Harry said. I looked over to him and he was crying to. "Awh." I slightly laughed and gave him a little squeezed hug. "Can you be my Rose if I be your Jack?" Louis asked and I laughed. "If you so desire." I said back him. "That's not fair!" Harry protested. "I'll be your Juliet Harry." I giggled. "YES!" He shouted and gave me a massive hug. "Back to the movie." I smiled and continued to watch. Yay!! These boys are amazing!

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