Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


12. Secret place

Today is just about me and Harry, no one else. "Ready babe?" Harry called. "Yes." I answered him. I walked down into the living room. "How do I look?" I asked spinning around on the spot. "Perfect." Harry winked. I giggled. 

I didn't know where we was going today. "Please tell me where we are going..." I begged. "Nope." Harry laughed and put on his coat. I put on a scarf and a leather jacket. "Please." I begged again getting into the car. "Nope." Harry slammed the door. Harry drove and I was singing as Harry had asked me to. "I'm sorry if I say 'I need you' but I don't care I'm not scared of love...Harry. Why do you want me to sing?" I asked him stopping my singing. "Because I do." He answered. We sat there with his music playing. "Sing again please." Harry said. I giggled a little and then sang. "Okay, shut your eyes now." Harry said obviously we were close. I squeezed my eyes shut. The car stopped. I was getting really excited. Harry helped me out of the car and we walked together  down a path. I heard Harry open a door. "Ready." Harry asked. I excitedly nodded. "OPEN!" Harry shouted as I opened my eyes. I looked around I plain white room. "What is this?" I asked him. Harry pulled back one curtain to reveal spray paints and normal paint and paint brushes. Stencils were there as well. Harry walked across the room and pulled back another curtain. He revealed a perfect beach with golden sand and blue, blue sea. The waves rolled in and out and the sun beat down on the sea and sand. 

"Harry how far did we drive?" I asked him. "Not that far, I always planned to have a special place that only me and my girl know about and now I have you. I planted these trees when I was 10. This was my Nan and granddad's secrets place. They would spend days on end here. I thought we could make it ours, like decorate it." Harry said the whole way through he had a massive grin on his face. "Yes, It's just perfect." I smiled and ran over to him, jumping into his arms. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him massively. I broke this kiss. "I love you." I told him kissing his cheek. "I love you too." He told me back, kissing my neck. He put me down as I picked up a cartoon of paint. At the end of the day we had completely changed the room to

how we wanted. It was amazing. 

"I love it!" I screamed. "Bit loud!" Harry said laughing. "Thank you!"I kissed Harry. It was amazing. My phone bleeped

From: Nialler<3

Missing you loads, can't wait until you get home so I can come see you.<3

I can't just have one day with out him! 

To: Nialler<3

Your not seeing me Niall I'm staying out tonight.

I messaged him back. God, he's starting to get one my nerves.

To: Scarlett. 

Get your husband in place and stop him following me.

I messaged her. She didn't text but. Oh well. I left it and enjoyed just chilling in our beautiful new secret place together. "Can we stay here tonight please?" I asked him. "Sure." He answered and kissed my forehead. An almost perfect day!

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