Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


7. Secret 1

I knocked a few times on Niall's door and waited. "Hello." Niall smiled and let me in. "You look really pretty!" Niall stated. "Thank you." I giggled and did a little spin showing off my beautiful outfit Harry bought me. "Harry bought it for me." I said twiddling my thumbs and sat down. "My present wont be as good then." Niall stated jokingly. "I'm sure it is." I giggled. "It's from all of us, well apart from Harry." Niall told me. "But your not getting it yet." I giggled but didn't say anything. "So what brings you here?" Niall said as we both sat down on the sofa. "I just wanted to apologize for the whole Scarlett situation." I stated. He really was perfect just looking into those blue eyes almost made me melt. "It's fine." He said. I took his hand in mine. "I really truly am sorry, I didn't mean for anything to happen. you really might want to talk to her because I'm going to be stating here for more than a week, a lot more than a week. I'm sure Harry will tell you everything but-" "Why does Harry know everything?" Niall asked me with big eyes. "Because we are kind of together, don't say anything to the others though." I admitted to him. "But your suppose to be with me." He whined. "But Scarlett wont come back to you." I told Niall. "I don't care." I heard him quietly mutter. "What?" I asked him. "Nothing." He bluntly said and rolled his eyes. "Niall please tell me." I said cupping one of my hands on his jaw line. His hand lifted to mine and held it in place. "I don't care that Scarlett doesn't come back, I love you. You have changed my whole life and it's changed for the better. Scarlett is amazing and beautiful but you are perfect for me." Niall said a tear slipping from his eyes. "Why are you crying?" I asked him letting my hand fall from his jaw line. "Because everything I have has gone because of me wanting you and now you are with Harry." Niall stated more tears falling down his cheeks. "Niall, this can be our little secret but I came here wanting you. I have never experienced time alone with you so I don't know what would happen but my feelings changed when me and Harry kissed it was like fireworks going off inside me. I really think I love, I know it hasn't been long but my feelings might change. I might end up head over heels for you but for now you and me will be a secret, you go get Scarlett back." I smiled as tear fell form my face as his. "I love you." Niall stated and kissed my cheek setting fireworks off in my mind. "I know you do." I smiled and ran my fingers down his cheek then walked to the door. "See you later with Scarlett." I again smiled and wiped the tears from my face. I closed the door. Got into my car and started to drive off. When in the car I turned on the radio 1 and Niall's solo was playing. More tears streamed down my face. I turned up in the drive way and wiped the tears away from my cheeks. Harry must of saw me because he rushed out and helped me out of the car. "What happened?" Harry asked and wrapped his arms straight around my waist. "It doesn't matter." I told him and hugged him back. I took his hand in mine and we walked back into the house. I looked at my phone to check the time. 10:56pm. Time for bed I think. I kissed Harry's cheek and walked to bed, getting into my pj's and quickly fell asleep. 

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