Secrets (Sequel to Projects Partners)


9. More secrets and Lies

The next morning was the day I was suppose to leave, but I wasn't because obviously I was staying with Harry, or Niall, I'm confused over that. My phone rang, I knew it would be Niall. "Harry I'm just going to take this call, be back in a minute." I smiled get off the sofa and to the back garden. "Hi Niall." I said. "Hi we need to talk." He answered. I knew this was coming I mean I was the reason Scarlett and Niall are practically getting divorced and I didn't even want to that time. "I know." I said to Niall. "Just on the phone though I'm watching a movie with Harry." I told him. "Fine. So about yesterday-" "I completely understand, we should just stay away from each other for a while until you and Scarlett are back on track and then everything will be fine again." I said practically reading his mind. Or so I thought. "No, we should see each other. Rosie adores you and so do I, more than Harry anyway. I will get the divorce papers tomorrow and-" Niall started. ""No Niall, your with Scarlett." I interrupted. "NO I'M NOT!" He shouted at me. "Bye Niall." I calmly said almost screaming back at him and I hung up. I walked back over to the living room and sat down with Harry. "Who was that?" Harry asked me. "Mum." I lied. "Oh, if you need to talk I'm here." Harry told me. It was nice know that I could tell Harry anything, even if it was a lie. We continued to watch the movie when there was a knock at the door. Why couldn't I just be left alone with Harry? "I'll get it." I told Harry before he could get up his self. I opened the door to a teary Scarlett. "Hi?" I said confused. "Your such a fucking bitch!" She shouted at me. "What have I done?" I asked. "Yeah, what has she done Lettie." Harry said coming up behind me and wrapping his hands round my waist. "So you two are a couple?" She asked. I looked up to Harry and he looked at me. "Yes." I smiled at her, hoping she wouldn't say anything about Niall. "Harry did you know where she went yesterday?" Scarlett asked him. "Out with Niall and Rosie." He smiled and she nodded. "Well did she tell you what happened there?" She asked glaring at me. "She said not much." Harry answered her, it's exactly what I said. Good job remembering Styles. "Any detail?" Scarlett asked. "Nope." Harry answered. "Well she was behind a bush kissing MY husband!" She told him. He looked down at me as I looked up at him. "What are you on about?" I asked her. "You and my husband kissing yesterday you slut." She said. "Woah, I am not a slut I never kissed you husband." I told her. "You might need your eyes checked love." I told her. "Amy, you kissed Niall?" Harry asked me nearly in tears. "No." I told him, lied again. "I'll even ring him if you want proof." I said first looking at Harry then looking at Scarlett. She nodded as I pulled out my phone and rang him. "Hi." He answered. "Niall did I kiss you yesterday in the park or not." I said praying he wouldn't say I did. "No, why?" He asked me. "Because your bum ass bitch is accusing me off it right here in front of Harry who nearly cried." I said reaching up and kissing Harry's cheek. "Scarlett, we didn't kiss. Come home." Niall said down the phone. "FINE!" She shouted and I hung up. "Goodbye." I fake smiled at her. "Oh and one more thing." I said and she turned around to look at me. I punched her straight round the face and she slapped me. That's for calling me a bitch and accusing me of stuff, oh and nearly making my Harry cry!" I shouted and shut the door on her face. The rest of the day was spent me and Harry just watching movies.

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