Loto ticket

A girl called amber finds a lottery ticket and takes it to the shop and finds out she has won a day out with one direction she can't belive what she Is hearing and has so much fun and her and zayn Malik have a thing for each other she try's to tell her mother but she things she is talking crap as usual she hates her mother for that and one day her mother saw amber with zayn and tells amber what she saw.


2. Her dad's thoughts

Ambers dad sees one direction as gay,gay,gay,gay and oh what do you call it oh yes gay every time amber plays them in her radio he shouts turn they gay boys off for gods sake any more and I will snap your CD.


amber gives him attitude as per usual her dad is sick and tired of it he said there will be no one direction day out any more of this cheek of your understand do you understand amber, she always says yes I understand and when he leaves she shoves her head into her pillow and screams I hate my dad so much but then the next it's like oh daddy I love you.


it was a Saturday afternoon and amber was screaming and shouting at her brothers her dad came storming up the stairs and said enough of this missy or I will or I will ,amber just stand their with a smirk on her face and says spit it out then dad he said i will rip up your day out with one direction ticket up how about that would you like that amber


amber screams you dare and I run away from home and never come back I will go and live with my gran or with Amy and you can't stop me.ambers dad says amber I am sorry I won't touch your ticket nor your one direction posters only if you don't run away or tell anyone or else it will get worse but I am sorry do you want to go out for ice cream or a milkshake your choice.  

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