Loto ticket

A girl called amber finds a lottery ticket and takes it to the shop and finds out she has won a day out with one direction she can't belive what she Is hearing and has so much fun and her and zayn Malik have a thing for each other she try's to tell her mother but she things she is talking crap as usual she hates her mother for that and one day her mother saw amber with zayn and tells amber what she saw.


4. 9 weeks later

Amber couldn't get a hold of zayn but then one day she was going to the shop for her dad he needed some bread and she bumped into zayn he said omg your amber they started to kiss he walked to the shop with amber and went back to ambers house with her.


amber kept thinking this was some ticket wasn't it oh yeah zayn loves me what could possibly go wrong touch wood.


it was Amy's birthday she had a party and at the party zayn bent down amber thought he was fixing his shoe lace but then he pulled out a little black box and said amber will you marry me and shouted of course I will zayn so they were all happy it turned from Amy's birthday party to amber and zayns wedding anniversary party.


they went home to arrange it amber would wear her mothers old wedding dress and zayn would wear his fathers wedding soot but ambers parents had bout them both new shoes ambers were dimond high heels and zayns were black shiney shoes. 


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