Loto ticket

A girl called amber finds a lottery ticket and takes it to the shop and finds out she has won a day out with one direction she can't belive what she Is hearing and has so much fun and her and zayn Malik have a thing for each other she try's to tell her mother but she things she is talking crap as usual she hates her mother for that and one day her mother saw amber with zayn and tells amber what she saw.


1. Ambers life as it is until the ticket

Amber has brown hair and blue eyes she is 20 years old she loves one direction she has posters of them all over her bedroom walls well that's just normal for a girl to have one direction posters she has the bed sheets as well any way amber goes to Cumbernauld collage with her best friend Amy Kelly any way amber has two brothers and one sister amber and her sister Courtney both love one direction with all their hearts,she also lives with her mum and dad and did I mention her two brothers are called owen and Finlay any way the dewar family live in the big city of Cumbernauld they have a big White House with a big black iron gate they have big bright lights beefing down on their front door how cool.


amy lives in the big city as well but she lives in a tall block of flats with her mother her mother and father are split up witch Amy isn't bollard with but she loves them both dearly Amy also has brown hair and blue eyes she loves homework but she hates maths homework because she is really bad at counting but amber doesn't care she is the same as every one else but more special to amber because they grew up together and have been friends for like ever.


any way one day Amy and amber were walking to school there was snow up to their hips and amberR seen this pinky ticket flapping in the snow so she ran over and pulled it out she thought just a normal lottery ticket but it wasn't just any lottery ticket it was SPEND A DAY WITH 1D lottery ticket she was so happy after she had read it properly instead of going to school she ran home with it her mum was so proud of her and her mother seen a number seen the ticket had a number on it so her mum phoned the number and got the date all arranged it was sorted on the 29th of December she was going to meet one direction.



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