A New Begining

Georgia moves to London and it's the biggest change of her life she has 7 new best friends but some may turn out to be much more than first thought to be


6. friends

I sat and looked at him for a while and said "no I don't think so, how" he frowned and said "sorry you just look very familiar" zayn butted in and said "maybe that's because you own a mirror" in a duh tone I turned round and looked at him confused and said "what do you mean" but because these boys have no idea how a one to one conversation works Niall answered for him and said "anyone with eyes can see that you and Harry are almost identical" I looked at Harry again then my locket and asked where where you born he gave me a strange look and said "Cheshire, why?" I don't know if he is meant to mean something in my life but I am sure gonna find out! I soon realised I never answered Harry's question and said "oh yeah, was just wondering" then asked all the boys "do you guys want to come round to mines tonight" but just as I asked I heard the bell ring and everybody shot up leaving I got a few 'yeah's' but I'm not quite sure Liam waited for me and took me to our next class

*skip till lunch*

Me and Liam walked down to the 'dinies' and sat at a table with the other boys when Harry asked "so are we coming to yours after school?" I said "yeah meet me at the reception?" They said yeah, once Niall had finished we went down to the 'vans' (A/N if u don't know what the dinies or vans are the dinies is just a cafeteria and the vans are just ice cream vans)

*end of day*

Me and Liam waited outside the reception for the rest of the boys. The boys were walking deep in there conversations when I shouted "what took your big fat bums so long to get here!" Which made them jump hehe oops Niall shouted "GEORGIA YOU SCARED ME!!" I just laughed and started walking out the door and started the walk home I got a bit lost on the way but I managed.. Sort of

When we got to my house I shouted "DAD I HAVE FRIENDS WE ARE GOING UP STAIRS!!!" My dad said "okay" and we all walked upstairs

A/N. Sorry it's a short chapter and I haven't been updating a lot I've just been a bit busy and tired lately I will try and update once a week maybe on a Saturday maybe a Friday I don't know yet and sorry again

~Georgia. Xoxoxox

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