The Place I Once Called Home

Dia, her little sister Alyss, and her mother were suppose to leave the next day for some unknown urgent reason. Only Dia leaves the house alive. The zombie apocalypse has started. During it, Dia finds love, friendship, enemies, and maybe even a new place to call home.


6. Chapter 6

Carl's PoV:

I stand there in shock, listening to Dia sobbing. I can't believe I made her cry. I don't want to believe it. This is all my fault. I sink to the ground and bury my head in my hands. I sigh. Beth is still yelling behind me, but I can't hear her. All I can hear is Dia's sobs.

Alex's PoV:

I hold Dia close as she continues to cry. This is all that damn bastard Carl's fault! All he's interested in is sex, like Dia's father. She used to come to school with bruises and cuts covering her body, and I always cleaned them and bandaged them. Carl has left a cut on her heart, and I have to heal her. Dia sighs, and looks up at me. "I'm ok Alex. Really." Her eyes are red from crying, but they're back to their usual brown. I smile. "Ok. Let's go look for Jerry." Suddenly someone taps on my shoulder and I turn around. There is an old man standing behind me, leaning on a cane for support. "I hear you two were looking for me? I'm Jerry." Dia straightens up. "Ah! Nice to meet you, Jerry. I have to ask, was there anyone when you arrived at this prison?" He concentrates, then nods. I feel my heart skip a beat. "There was a nice man here. He was only about 20. His name was Mike." I can feel Dia's fists clench beside me. I know why. Her dads name was Mike. "We got to talking, and he said he had a daughter and a wife. Or an ex wife, he wasn't sure anymore. Anyway, he's still here. He changed his name though. He said he wanted to start over." Dia leans forward. "Please, sir, what is his name now?" The man looks into my eyes. His eyes are a brilliant blue. "Why my dear, you've already met him. His new name is Daryl."

Dia's PoV:

My eyes widen in shock. Daryl? My dad? Can't be. HAS to be. I turn around abruptly and start running towards Cell Block A. I burst through the doors. Everyone turns to look at me, even Carl, and I scream, "WHERE THE FUCKING HELL IS DARYL?!?!?!" Everyone turns to look at him, and he stares at me. "What's wrong Dia?" He asks. "WHAT'S WRONG?!?! WHAT'S WRONG?!? I'LL TELL YOU WHAT'S WRONG!!! YOU KNEW WHO I FROM WHEN YOU MET ME AND YOU DIDN'T TELL ME YOU WERE MY DAD!!!!" His eyes widen and he stands up from the table. "What's your full name?" He asks. "Diana Marie Heart." I say. He sinks down into his chair and shakes his head. "No, no, no, this is not happening." He mutters. "Oh, but it is, Dad." I say, glaring at him. He stands up and walks towards me. "Please, Diana," he pleads. "Just let me explain..." "No." I say, cutting him off and backing away. "I am not Diana, I'm Dia. And I am NOT related to you in any way, shape, or form." With that, I turn and walk out of the cell block.

Carl's PoV:

Dia leaves and I'm in shock. Daryl's her dad? That can't be. But he's sure acting like it's true... Just then, Alex stands up. "Daryl, you are a sick bastard." He says, his eyes narrowed to slits. This pisses me off, and I stand up and yell, "Hey! What did Daryl do to deserve this?!?" I immediately wish I hadn't said that. Alex turns to me, his eyes filled with fury. "You really want to know? Well I'll tell you." He says, his voice stone cold. "Daryl, or Mike, used to beat Dia and rape her. He offered her body to people for money. He beat his wife too. And then add bullying to that. That was Dia's life in a nutshell. She was always so depressed, and she used to cut. She came to school covered in scars and fresh cuts. I was the one who told the police. I healed Dia. But thanks to you, Carl," He glares at me, "Her old scars are starting to open. You called her a whore, which Mike used to call her. You were caught sleeping with Beth, which reminded Dia of Mike. You opened the scars." I stand there in shock, my eyes filling in tears. So, all this time, Dia had been suffering? Because of me? "This is all your guys's faults, Mike and Carl." Alex finishes, and walks out the door. I sink to the ground. I clutch my head and shake it. No. No! This is not how I wanted things to go! I wanted to show Dia I loved her! I did exactly the opposite! What the hell is wrong with me?!?!

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