The Place I Once Called Home

Dia, her little sister Alyss, and her mother were suppose to leave the next day for some unknown urgent reason. Only Dia leaves the house alive. The zombie apocalypse has started. During it, Dia finds love, friendship, enemies, and maybe even a new place to call home.


3. Chapter 3

Dia's PoV:

I wake up, and I'm lying in a cell. How did I get here though? The last thing I remember was Carl walking me to my cell! I struggle to sit up, my hair tangled and matted, and look around. I've never seen this place before. Suddenly, a man walks in. "Hi Dia. How are you feeling?" He asks me. I shrug and look around again. "Where am I?" You're in Cell Block A. We use this one as a makeshift hospital. I'm Hershel. It's nice to finally meet you, considering you've been asleep for 3 days now." He says, smiling. He hands me a tray with food on it. "Here, eat up. You haven't eaten for 3 days after all. Call me when you're done, then we can go and see everyone. They are all really worried." He leaves me alone in the cell, and I can hear his boots clacking down the hallway.

Carl's PoV:

I'm really worried about Dia. She has been asleep for THREE days now. THREE FUCKING DAYS! I sigh, then turn to the fence surrounding the prison. The walkers are attempting to climb the fence again. I cock my gun, and pick them off one by one. Bam! Bam! Bam! Suddenly I feel a hand rest lightly on my shoulder, and I spin, a big grin on my face, hoping it's Dia. But it's not. Beth is standing behind me, smiling. "Hey Carl." She says in her soft voice. I frown and turn away, continuing to shoot the walkers. "Oh. It's just you Beth." "Were you expecting someone else?" She asks teasingly. "Dia." I say. I turn around to face Beth, and am surprised to see that her face is a mask of hatred. She looks at her feet. "Dia..." She mutters, clenching her fists so hard her knuckles turn white. "What do you have against Dia?" I ask, surprised. I didn't think that she knew I like Dia. CARL STOP IT DIA IS NOT YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND BETH IS AND YOU LOVE HER GOT IT GET IT THROUGH YOUR THICK SKULL!!!! I sigh, and run my fingers through my unruly brown hair. "Look, just forget it Beth, ok?" I say to her, pulling her close and kissing her. "Yea, ok." She sighs, and I hold her even closer, trying not to wish Dia was the one who was in my arms.

Beth's PoV:

It is so obvious that fucking bitch likes Carl. But I had Carl first, and she is not getting my man. I lift my face from Carl's chest, only to find him staring at Cell Block A. I frown. I need to find some way to bring his attention back to me. I look back at Cell Block A while Carl is looking down at me, and see Dia emerging. A smirk crosses my lips. I turn back to Carl, pull his head down to mine, and crash my lips onto mine. His eyes widen, but close after a second. His tongue licks my bottom lip, begging for entrance. I grant it, and soon our tongues are wrestling for dominance. I break the kiss and turn around again. Dia is still standing there, but she looks extremely sad. Then she turns and walks away. That's right bitch. Carl is mine.

Dia's PoV:

I walk away from the scene below me, shaking my head in disgust. I just got better and now I feel like I want to throw up. Goddamn is Beth a slut, making out in public like that? I admit, my heart does twinge a little with sadness, but that's only because Carl reminds me of Alex. Oh well, what's done is done. I haven't seen him since before the apocalypse anyway. Just then I hear Daryl shout, "Human! At the gate!" My pistol happens to be at my hip, so I run towards the gates, but stop short as soon as I see who is standing there. "Alex?" I whisper, my eyes filling with tears. A boy with short brown hair, covered in cuts and scars, is standing at the gate with a sword. I walk towards him, scarcely able to breath. "Alex?" I ask again, this time a bit louder. He turns to look at me, and in that instant I know it's him. He has the most amazing eyes. They sparkle and shine and show his intelligence. He smiles, and drops his sword. "Hey Dia. I missed you." He says, and I burst into tears. The gate opens and I run into his arms, crying. He strokes my hair, and holds me close till I am able to look at him. "I thought you were dead." I say, smiling at him through my tears. "I thought you knew I'm tougher than that, Dia." He says, looking into my eyes. Someone clears their throat behind me, and I turn around. "Oh yea, I guess I should introduce you. There's Daryl, Hershel, Beth, Carl, Simone and her daughter Melody, Marissa, and Leo. But there are lots more!" I point to each one in turn, and Alex greets them politely. I'm surprised to see Carl glaring at Alex. What's his problem? "By the way Dia, I'm glad to see you're feeling better!" Leo says, smiling. "Thanks!" I beam. Alex turns to look at me, a look of concern crossing his face. "Whoa wait. You were sick? Are you ok now?" I laugh. "Don't worry Alex. I'm just fine. Now come on! I'll show you around and introduce you to everyone else!" I grad his hand, and Carl twitches. Brushing it off, I walk away, leaving a fuming Carl in my wake.

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