The Place I Once Called Home

Dia, her little sister Alyss, and her mother were suppose to leave the next day for some unknown urgent reason. Only Dia leaves the house alive. The zombie apocalypse has started. During it, Dia finds love, friendship, enemies, and maybe even a new place to call home.


2. Chapter 2

I run out of the house, tears streaming down my face. 'Alright Dia, calm down and get ahold of yourself.' I think, slapping myself gently. I stop crying, and take a look around. Oh my god! The street is crawling with walkers! Terrified, I leap into the mini van, and thank god the keys are in the ignition. I start the car and drive away, hitting walkers left and right, leaving the place I once called home.

I have driven for 7 hours straight and I am so damn tired. I look around, an I see a gas station. 'Perfect,' I think. 'Now I can refill the car and figure out where the hell I am.' I pull in and get out. According to my phone, I am in North Dakota. "Oh great." I say out loud. I fill up the gas tank before I get back in the car and fall asleep.

I wake up to scratching at the windows. "What the hell?" I scream, sitting bolt upright. A walker is trying to break through the windows! I scream, turn the key in the ignition, and floor the pedal. The car shoots forward like a rocket, then takes off down a narrow stretch of dirt road. I catch a glimpse of a song that says, "Prison, 7 miles." 'Hey,' I think. 'Maybe I can get there. There are fences around prisons, so maybe the walkers can't get in!' I floor the pedal once more, and take off towards the prison.

The car breaks down before I reach the prison. "God dammit!" I say as I slam my hands into the steering wheel. Wait. This isn't the time for that. I have to get out of here before the walkers find me. I grab my weapons bag, some spare clothes, and my phone. I don't know why, but I want to bring it. I grab my sword, slowly open the car door, and take off running into the woods.

Turns out the prison was only a mile away. Go figure. I run up to the gates, panting. The gates are really tall, with barbed wire at the top, and the gates are locked. 'Well, I've got no other choice,' I think, and start to climb the fence. Just then, a bunch of people swarm from the prison. They startled me so much I fell off the fence. "Drop your weapons, girl!" One man shouts. I yell back, "Will I get them back? They are my mothers." "Who the hell was your mom and why did she have so many weapons?" A women yells. "My mom was Lisanna Heart. She turned into a walker so I had to kill her and my little sister. I have no idea why she had all this stuff." I shout, slowly backing up. These people could be crazy for all I know. They turn to each other, whisper for a few seconds, then turn around again. "Carl, open the gates. Let her keep her weapons." The same man who yelled first says. I put my bag by my feet, and wait for them to open the gate.

Carl's PoV

I am sitting in my cell, when Daryl comes tearing into the prison yelling, "Walker! Outside! On the fence!" I leap off the bed, grab my gun and race out. Once I actually get out though, it turns out it's not a walker, but a girl. She looks about my age, and she is extremely pretty. Wait, what the hell did I just say? I don't even know who she is. 'Get ahold of yourself, Carl.' I think, shaking my head. I have Beth. I don't like the girl outside the fence. I jolt back to reality when she yells at Daryl, "My mom was Lisanna Heart. She turned into a walker so I had to kill her and my little sister. I have no idea why she had all this stuff." Daryl turns white. He turns to us. "I knew Lisanna when I was little. She was my best friend, and we talked up until two years ago. That girl is her oldest, Dia. We have to let her in. I owe Lisanna that much." He turns towards Dia, then says to me, "Carl. Go unlock the gates. Let her keep her weapons." I slowly walk towards the girl; towards the gates, and unbolt them.

She walks towards me, slowly, warily. She slips past me, and I bolt the gates and turn to follow her. Her long hair is matted and tangled. She has multiple cuts, scratches, and bruises covering her thin frame. Her clothes are torn too. She walks up to Daryl and boldly asks, "Who the hell are you and how do you know my mom?" He looks shocked. "You heard that?" "I have amazing hearing. For example, there is a walker coming towards the gates." I turn around, and at that moment, a walker bursts through the tree line, and starts climbing the fence. Dia smirks and says, "See? Now how do you know my mom?" Daryl swallows nervously. "She and I were childhood friends." "Ok then. Well, even if you were her friend, that doesn't mean I trust any of you." She sneers. "Ok, ok. Carl, show her to her cell." Daryl says, practically shaking. "Oh, so your name is Carl is it?" Dia turns to me. "Nice to meet you." She says, smiling. "Uhh.... Nice to meet you too." I say, slightly stunned. She looks so beautiful when she smiles. WAIT STOP THAT CARL!!! YOU. LIKE. BETH. NOT. DIA. "Follow me." I say, turning away and beckoning her to follow.

"Here's your cell. It's right next to mine so just call if you need anything." I say, opening a cell door. "Thanks Carl." She says. She seems so worn out. She walks in, slowly, kind of lurching. "Hey, are you alright?" I ask her, worried. "Yea, I'm just fine." Dia says. She speaks too soon, because as soon as she finishes her sentence, her legs crumple out from under her, and I lunge forward in time to catch her. I feel her forehead. Damn, she's burning up. Her tee shirt slips up a little, and I can count every one of her ribs. "Daryl!!!" I scream. "Dia's in trouble!!!!"

Daryl comes running in to the cell. "Oh my god Carl, what happened?" He asks, kneeling down beside me to feel Dia's forehead. He winces, and I know that's not good. "I showed her the cell, and she passed out. She's also really thin. Her ribs are sticking out of her side Daryl." "Well, let's take her to Hershel. Maybe he can help." I stand up, cradling her in my arms. She's as light as a feather, and she has the thickest, longest eyelashes. CARL. STOP. THIS ISN'T THE TIME FOR THAT. I shake my head, then run out of the cell.

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