The Place I Once Called Home

Dia, her little sister Alyss, and her mother were suppose to leave the next day for some unknown urgent reason. Only Dia leaves the house alive. The zombie apocalypse has started. During it, Dia finds love, friendship, enemies, and maybe even a new place to call home.


1. Chapter 1

"There! Finally finished!" I exclaim, zipping up my over stuffed black suitcase and stand up to stretch. "Hey Mom! Is it almost time to go?" I call, sticking my head out the doorway of my room. "Uh, yea sure, just give me a minute! Go get Alyss and get in the car." She yells back. Alyss is my 5 year old sister. "Kay, sure Mom." I grab my iPhone 5s and my headphones off my bed, grab my suitcase, and walk off to find Alyss.

"Hey Alyss? Are you in here?" I yell, pounding on the door in front of me. "Alyss?" I push open the door, only to realize that Alyss isn't in here. Puzzled, I shrug, then go out to my moms' silver mini van, waving at some cute boys who are playing soccer next door. I put my suitcase in the trunk, then crawl into the passenger side. I plug in my headphones, then put on a song by Black Veil Brides. Best. Frickin'. Band. EVER.

Mom comes out a second later, shouting. "Dia! Where is your little sister? We need to go! Like NOW!" "Geez Mom what's the rush? I have no idea where Alyss is. She wasn't in her room." Mom swears loudly, then plants her hands on her hips. "I'm going to go find Alyss. Hold on to this. Don't leave it alone, don't even let go of it." She drops a duffel bag full of something really heavy onto my lap, then storms off towards the house, muttering some really foul language.

2 frickin hours later, Mom still hasn't come back. "Damn Mom, and you were the one who was yelling about being in a hurry." I mutter under my breath. Opening the car door, I swing the mystery bag over my shoulder, pull my long brown hair that was in a ponytail that reached down to my waist out from under the strap, and stomp towards the house. I open the door, and a really foul smell hits my nose. "Oh god! What the hell is that?!?" I shout, plugging my nose. Something heavy falls to the floor in the kitchen. 'Mom' I think. 'Most definitely.'

As soon as I walk into the kitchen, I freeze in horror. There is my little sister and my mom, but something isn't right. One, Alyss looks really creepy, her face drawn, pale, and shadowed. And two, she is fricking eating Mom! Mom is already dead, I can tell. There is too much blood everywhere. Then Alyss turns towards me. 'Oh shit,' I think. The mystery bag bangs into my side as I back up. 'Maybe there's something I can use to fight Alyss with.' I think desperately. I run up the stairs into my bedroom and lock the door. Then push my dresser in front. I sit on the floor, and slowly unzip the bag.

Sitting in front of me is the largest collection of weapons I have ever seen. Knives, swords, pistols, rifles, crossbows, and plenty of ammo and arrows. There were also canteens of water and food that could be saved for months. Mom knew this was going to happen. That's why she made us pack so fast and hurriedly today. Well, if this is really happening, I am not down. Even if it means stabbing Alyss and Mom. I pack everything back up except for a sword, then slowly pull the dresser away from my door. I creep out my door, and make my way back to the kitchen. Alyss is back to tearing through my mom. Her back is to me, she has no idea I am there. "I'm sorry Alyss." I whisper, my eyes filling with tears. I get to my feet, and stab her through the head. As her blood mixes with Moms' on the floor, I do the same to Mom. What is left of her head anyway. I turn away, then walk outside. The damage is done.

Hey guys here's chapter 1. First movella, so don't hate on it. I tried. I will post at least a chapter every week, maybe more. Hope you guys like it! ^.^

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