Story of MY life. .. comp entry for story of my life..

*story of my life entry*


2. Story of my life

I dont remember much about me being two. except i was  a baby model.. also my house was haunted. one day my mum was in the kitchen and i started screaming. She rushed in, but i tried to protect her by shutting the door i was screaming "the man, theres a man" Though, of course my mum couldnt see it. On the same night, i was eating next to my mum happily until she said "the mans gone now silly" Smiling i replied "hes next to you" dont ask how i knew that. idk but i did, I ran around the table, to get to someone sitting next to me. She htought it was strange. but carried on. 

Going into a few days later, i started screaming tht it was too loud and screaming drums. This made me parents think of the name "drummer boy". This may seem fake but its not!  Every night when i went to sleep, i used to see a spiral ball of gray and multy coloured speckles on my wall. urging me to jumo through. though of course i didnt. 


Threee years old came and i had a passion for dancing, at this age i already knew i wanted to dance. so my mum put me into dancing which i absolutly adored! 



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